The Shadow Fixer by Matthew S. Cox

Cox merges science-fiction, the supernatural, and classic detective drama to produce a story where each enhances the others. This is the sixth volume of Cox’s Division Zero series. Spoilers for previous books might leap out, rise up, or otherwise manifest after this point. After fighting creatures of the Abyss, reports of ghostly property damage and … Continue reading The Shadow Fixer by Matthew S. Cox

Ghost Runner by Vera Brook

Brook combines a strong grasp of human behaviour with an imaginative technodystopia, creating a cyberpunk thriller that has both style and substance. This is the third volume in the Sand Runner series. Possible spoilers for previous volumes ahead. Reunited with Emily, the woman he loves, Kai is determined to keep her safe: but doing that … Continue reading Ghost Runner by Vera Brook

Harbinger by Matthew S. Cox

Combining gritty technological thrills with complex supernatural investigations, Cox provides another novel filled with both cyberpunk action and metaphysical complexity. This novel is the fifth in Cox’s Division Zero series. It also refers to events in The Awakened series. High risk of post-cognitive contamination beyond this point. Lieutenant Kirsten Wren feels like she’s finally in … Continue reading Harbinger by Matthew S. Cox

Changeling by Stephanie Flint

Flint mixes interesting characters, futuristic technologies, and classic thriller tropes to create a cyberpunk fairy tale. This novel is the second in the Huntress series. Danger of atemporal data acquisition ahead. Following the fall of President Koenigin, members of Koenigin Corporation are manoeuvring for advantage and outside forces are demanding independent investigations of alleged crimes. … Continue reading Changeling by Stephanie Flint

Huntress by Stephanie Flint

Mixing the most superficial of events, a beauty contest, with the enduring question of when means justify ends and a young protagonist, Flint creates a cyberpunk tale that will appeal to both fans of techno-thrillers and young adult dystopias. Koenigin Corp offers augmentations and nanite treatments that can cure someone’s ills or make them better … Continue reading Huntress by Stephanie Flint

H+ incorporated by Gary Dejean

Dejean neither confines himself to the provably likely nor indulges in flights of fancy, creating a story that is both futurist narrative and cyberpunk thriller. When disastrous floods hit Manila, political corruption let corporations buy not only an unfair share of safe ground but a tighter hold on government itself. Already reeling from the loss … Continue reading H+ incorporated by Gary Dejean

Ghost Black by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends speed-boosted cyber-action with more introspective questions about individual and social costs to create a seamless blend of action and depth that is likely to appeal to science-fiction and espionage fans of all flavours. This novel is the third in the Daughter of Mars series. Displaying this review might corrupt surprises in previous volumes. … Continue reading Ghost Black by Matthew S. Cox

Angel Descended by Matthew S. Cox

Cox seamlessly fuses nuanced cyberpunk with magic-in-all-but-name to produce a novel that is both a character-driven thriller and a dramatic spectacular. This novel concludes Cox’s The Awakened series. Risk of spoilers ahead. Despite his failure to recruit all the Awakened to his cause, Archon is close to achieving his dream of an off-world colony for … Continue reading Angel Descended by Matthew S. Cox

Ascendant Unrest by Matthew S. Cox

ARC: No cover available at time of review. Blending complex characters and plausible future technology with a starkly unequal society, Cox offers another mature and engaging addition to the cyberpunk genre that also offers much to readers of other genres. This is the second book in the Faded Skies series. Spoilers might occur. Two weeks … Continue reading Ascendant Unrest by Matthew S. Cox