New mouth found to reduce stress levels after strenuous exercise

I received the above comment a few days ago. Cynics might suggest that it is the product of an automated system, empty in time and space and meaning, but I choose to look at it as hand-crafted to match the demographic of my audience after an exhaustive study which identified me as a top influencer. … Continue reading New mouth found to reduce stress levels after strenuous exercise

We Can Rebuild You… Slightly.

Many years ago I read an article about differences in responses between children and adults when asked for a knee-jerk impression of developing various superpowers: as I expected, children thought of becoming pranksters or superheroes; unexpectedly, adults thought of having a slightly easier life. I was reminded of this divide while keeping the cats entertained … Continue reading We Can Rebuild You… Slightly.

Amped by Daniel H Wilson

This book asks questions about whether some people might no longer be human. Not because of race or belief but because they are part-machine. The book is set in a world where mind/computer interfaces are common. Initially these were used to solve medical issues such as epilepsy and to control prosthetic parts for the disabled. … Continue reading Amped by Daniel H Wilson