Three Children in a Marianas Trench-Coat

Earlier, I was discussing the rule that one shouldn't criticise a solution unless one was prepared to offer an alternative. As I am not the only Lovecraftian in my circle, the discussion swept over whether Yog-Sothothery was an exception, which reminded me of some strange realisations I had as a younger man about the casting … Continue reading Three Children in a Marianas Trench-Coat

Alchemical Divorce

Over the weekend, I re-encountered the theory that Lovecraft's fiction is a thin veil of fantasy over occult secrets shared with him by Aleister Crowley. While I am greatly fond of the mythos surrounding both men, so would feel joyous if this were true, I find it sadly implausible. Lovecraft's letters, the primary source for … Continue reading Alchemical Divorce

Proceeding in an Orderly Fashion

Earlier, I came across a theory that Inspector Legrasse suffered mental health issues following the Bayou raid, either from the raid itself, having the Cthulhu statue in his possession, or the cult attempting to recover the statue. While popular perception is that all Lovecraft's heroes go insane, I didn't recall Legrasse suffering a collapse. Rereading … Continue reading Proceeding in an Orderly Fashion

Thee Most Aweful Livelyness

One of the most common descriptions applied to the works of H.P. Lovecraft—especially by those seeking to refute the claim he was recounting ancient secrets—is that the magic is advanced science, that the gods are only powerful aliens. However, Herbert West: Reanimator shows, something survives death so the Mythos has some species of afterlife. Ironically, … Continue reading Thee Most Aweful Livelyness

Black and Incoherent Allies

In "The Call of Cthulhu", Lovecraft paints the cultists captured in the swamps beyond New Orléans as crazed degenerates, people who have abandoned reason. So, it's possible to write off their claims that supernatural beings committed the murders of which they're accused as either shared delusion or self-aggrandising lie. However, if otherworldly entities did perform … Continue reading Black and Incoherent Allies

The Film That Should Not Be!

As further evidence of a universe that basks in blessed madness, Episode 92 of the Geek Podcast: The Nasgûl & The Bus Driver makes passing reference to one of my moments of Yog-Sothothic whimsy. For those seeking the ultimate in roiling blasphemy, it's also on iTunes. Should you feel mentally prepared for those secrets Charlie … Continue reading The Film That Should Not Be!