The Gate to Oblivion by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends ancient magical entities with the demands of modern urban life to create a vision of a world where magic is as ubiquitous and mundane as technology is in ours; and just as prone to misuse and malfunctions. This novel is the third in Cox’s Temporal Armistice series. Danger of psychometric backwash ahead. Brooklyn … Continue reading The Gate to Oblivion by Matthew S. Cox

Harlem Smoke by James Champagne

Champagne blends psychogeography and philosophy with pop culture and torture-porn to create a post-modern collage of Lovecraftian dissonance. Nearly a decade ago, Isaac Grimalkin (under the name of the Reznorian pseudo-group ‘Dunwich Posse’) released “Harlem Smoke”, a Lovecraftian horrorcore hip-hop album. Abandoning his burgeoning music career when murderers and suicides cited his work as “inspiration” … Continue reading Harlem Smoke by James Champagne

First Stone by Gary Ballard

Ballard fuses the viscerality of serial killer investigation with the mentality of Lovecraftian cosmology to create a gestalt that captures the shattering of mind and body without becoming tedious rubbery spatterpunk or abstract statements of indescribability. Forensic psychologist Jack Carter awakens in a mental hospital suffering from amnesia and prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance. … Continue reading First Stone by Gary Ballard

Goodcopbadcop by Jim Alexander

Alexander mixes an engaging crime thriller with questions on the morality of vengeance to create a novel that is both gritty and thought-provoking. Detective Inspector Brian Fisher gets results; good enough results without proof of wrongdoing that review boards tend toward a favourable theories of events. But, rather than the binary of “good” or “bad” … Continue reading Goodcopbadcop by Jim Alexander

Thirty Pieces of Silver by Squid McFinnigan

Mixing gritty action with complex schemes and characters, McFinnigan paints a visceral and dramatic portrait of gang warfare in the streets of modern Dublin. For decades, Jimmy Kingston has owned the drug trade in most of Dublin, a situation maintained by favours for those who accept his rule and the threat of dire retribution for … Continue reading Thirty Pieces of Silver by Squid McFinnigan

My Client Didn’t Do It, He Had Good Reason to Do It, and He Doesn’t Deserve to Be Punished

Earlier this morning, there was a thread in one of my social media digests about trespassing to save a pet. As is common on the internet, the conversation shifted back and forth, becoming more complex and diffuse as opinions on the reasonableness of certain behaviours mixed with opinions on their legality, and with opinions on … Continue reading My Client Didn’t Do It, He Had Good Reason to Do It, and He Doesn’t Deserve to Be Punished

The Bullet Catcher’s Author: An Interview with Rod Duncan

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Non-Gendered Polite Mechanicals, Davetopia is proud to present for your edification the question-answering talents of Mr Rod Duncan. Marvel as he forms a coherent sentence! Gasp in awe at his ability to sustain an argument! Observe, if you dare, the innermost workings of his mind! 1. Your official bio is below. But … Continue reading The Bullet Catcher’s Author: An Interview with Rod Duncan

Brother Found by Rick Mallery

This crime novella repeatedly adds new evidence and perspectives, allowing the reader the joy of unravelling the mystery without making it too easy. Danny Meeks turned his back on the family business of theft. But the combination of inheriting his father’s judgement debts and the collapse of the housing market, turned him from a house … Continue reading Brother Found by Rick Mallery