Sandwiches Are Mostly Bread

I've been roleplaying for longer than I've been writing and—while the protagonists in my books don't politely go when I close the document—I still find RPG characters have a bigger presence than those in my books, which makes creating ones I enjoy being with even more important. However—unlike writing a book—I don't have control over … Continue reading Sandwiches Are Mostly Bread

Shining a Spotlight on Me

The soon-to-be-released second issue of Mythaxis includes an interview with me. But if you can't wait, the publisher has made the interview available for free here. The article focuses on indie publishing, so if you're interested in the technical side of the writing business you can find my thoughts here.

Not Letting the Dice Decide

While sexual harassment in roleplaying games isn't front page news in the same way that the rags and tatters of Hollywood pretence are, it happens. And, unlike the real world, it can sometimes seek to excuse itself by relying on not having happened in reality. However, I don't think something is automatically acceptable just because … Continue reading Not Letting the Dice Decide

Writing as a Team Sport by Kevin J. Anderson

Anderson mixes his thoughts on why collaborations work, or don’t, with anecdotes from the many collaborations he has undertaken, creating a book that shows the reader the potential complexities of partnering with other authors without becoming dry or depressing. This book provides advice and insight on co-authoring fiction, covering reasons to consider collaborating, choosing a … Continue reading Writing as a Team Sport by Kevin J. Anderson

Reviewing The 2017 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle

I've been sent a free copy of Kevin J Anderson's 2017 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle with a request that I share my honest opinion of a few of the titles. Apart from the guide to Vellum (I already have a good eformating program and don't have a Mac) they all seem worth a read. However, … Continue reading Reviewing The 2017 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle