Wild Frontiers: Through Dry Places

We continue our ride through Wild Frontiers with an extract from my story ‘Through Dry Places’, a tale of the darkness that presses at the fringes civilisation. Orlin rolled out of his saddle just before it dropped from under him. Seemed his horse’d finally gone the way of an honest man in court: staggering along … Continue reading Wild Frontiers: Through Dry Places

Missing, Assumed Dead by Marva Dasef

Combining a sense of threat with modern love, without either descending into brutality or over-idealising events, Dasef creates a mystery-romance that will appeal to a range of readers. When Kameron McBride relieves court papers notifying her she is the last living relative of a man she has never even heard of, she considers telling the … Continue reading Missing, Assumed Dead by Marva Dasef