Death is Just the Beginning

People have died due to Covid-19. But has it really been that many? And were they people who might have died anyway? Even if one accepts the pandemic isn't as lethal as the majority of the science submits, that isn't the only negative impact. Surviving the virus isn't the same as being fine again. Recovering … Continue reading Death is Just the Beginning

Air Conditioning Ninja*

No longer will I feel like the bad guy in a Western, when I wear a mask while shopping. Henceforth, thanks to the most wonderful Changes Bristol, I shall feel like a very stylish bad guy in a superhero film. Unfortunately, the masks are made by volunteers from donated materials, so it was pure fortune … Continue reading Air Conditioning Ninja*

Virtual Hands Across the Ocean

As someone who works from home, and enjoys books and cats more than parties, I'm used to not seeing friends and relations all the time; however, social distancing is still grating on me so this TED talk about finding meaningful ways to interact interested me. Not all of these will work for everyone: I … Continue reading Virtual Hands Across the Ocean