Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case

Case filters Abrahamic dualism through the lens of post-modern subjectivity to create a religious thriller that both relies on artists rather than academics and treats the mystery at the heart of things as genuinely magical rather than merely political. Elizabeth Megalos works as a bank teller in St. Louis, another art-school graduate who gave in, … Continue reading Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case

One Scoop or Two?

Certain governments have recently taken stances on the trustworthiness of Chinese telecommunications businesses: the US a hard line; the UK a partnership. However, perhaps both this pessimism and this optimism are directed toward the wrong target. Perhaps the spying is more subtle and against a different target. Each of the cat litter trays we've bought … Continue reading One Scoop or Two?

Getting Warmer

James wound the recording back a few seconds. “—llo, I’m calling fro—” This time the ‘c’ felt slightly lighter. Was she emphasising ‘call’ or ‘all’? Mustn’t judge. Let the message create itself. Unless... what if cabal agents somehow heard both words at the same time. He typed both into the database. Work out a proper … Continue reading Getting Warmer