Hack or Heirophant?

Happy Birthday to Lovecraft. To celebrate, have a rather fine short film that echoes "From Beyond" without pastiching it. https://vimeo.com/joewhite/thebrainhack I feel Lovecraft would approve. The steady build of nothing being inexplicable followed by a sharp rise to a reveal fits his common story shape. Found footage is the 21st Century's version of a box … Continue reading Hack or Heirophant?

Disrepair of Reputation

Despite last week's post in which I opined I would not become a cultist, I must announce that I have not merely joined a cult but founded several. (Un)Fortunately, not in real life. One of my dear friends ended up with two copies of the decadent pastime that is Cultist Simulator, "a game of apocalypse … Continue reading Disrepair of Reputation

The Faceless Stratagem by Robert Scott-Norton

Scott-Norton fuses conspiracy thrillers with gritty science-fiction to create a tale that will appeal to fans of both equally. This novel is the second in the Tombs series. Readers proceeding beyond this point risk knowledge infection. With the cosmic rift above Jodrell Bank closed by Max Harding, the alien invasion seems defeated. However, Alice Linwood … Continue reading The Faceless Stratagem by Robert Scott-Norton

10 Reasons Why a Cup of Coffee is Better for You than Kafkaesque Torture

One of the most pervasive pieces of advice in articles on how to be "successful" is to put aside hobbies in favour of extra graft on your job or a side-hustle. However, I've noticed another similar suggestion cropping up that suggests "success" listicles might be more sinister than a simple misunderstanding that money is a … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why a Cup of Coffee is Better for You than Kafkaesque Torture

The Truth and Nothing But

Isaac studied the database. Every language uploaded. Every rule and exception catalogued. And whether the culture that spoke it said language came from the divine. Centuries of Kabbalists hadn’t found the answers, because Hebrew wasn’t the sacred language; merely one of them. Tracing back, removing human languages, would reveal the language of creation. This program … Continue reading The Truth and Nothing But

Operation Snowflake by Robert Scott-Norton

Scott-Norton focuses on character and ambiguous evidence rather than the overtly inexplicable, to create a UFO thriller that leaves the reader uncertain of how things will unfold even after they’ve settled on a view of what probably happened. MI18 was created by Winston Churchill to investigate reports of odd lights in the sky; lights that, … Continue reading Operation Snowflake by Robert Scott-Norton