Toxic Politics

Earlier today a scholar of cosmicism, one of we few who strive to see the world without the comfortable lies so warning of true threats might be given, proposed the laggard and insipid action on climate change was the result of a secret war against the Deep Ones. While none but a fool would suggest … Continue reading Toxic Politics

Fantasia by Jane Turley

Combining serious issues with a light and accessible style, Turley creates a novelette that is suitable for children without seeming too superficial for adults. In 2031, the human race is on the verge of interstellar travel. As part of his research into the neurological impact of cryonic suspension during space flight, Dr Corey revives Walt … Continue reading Fantasia by Jane Turley

Instrument of a Brave New World

The mithering, obfuscating, qualifying, and backtracking started less than 24 hours after the Paris agreement saddens me; and I've already contacted key members of Parliament to tell them. But I still have hope we can return to the upward path; and what represents a better future better than a piano reciting environmental law? As … Continue reading Instrument of a Brave New World

Second Chance by Dylan S. Hearn

Although both ecology and neuroscience are at the heart of the world Hearn creates they do not dominate the novel, making this very definitely a character-driven thriller. When extremes of weather began to disrupt infrastructure and displace populations even in industrialised nations, the United Nations finally agreed a global solution to climate change. Sustainable power, … Continue reading Second Chance by Dylan S. Hearn