Gingerbread Wolves by Misha Burnett

Drawing the reader deeper into his universe of gnostic metamathmatical outsider gods and human insignificance - but rejecting Lovecraft’s obsession with depressed moaning about degeneracy - Burnett delivers a fast-paced thriller that doesn’t skimp on consequences. The rest of this review might contain spoilers for the previous volumes: Catskinner’s Book, Cannibal Hearts, and The Worms … Continue reading Gingerbread Wolves by Misha Burnett

Worms of Heaven by Misha Burnett

In the third volume in the Book of Lost Doors series, Burnett continues to push the boundaries of paranormal soap opera; a genre that, if he didn’t invent he has made his own. While using the same preternatural outsiders living among us seed as urban fantasy and paranormal romance, there are no Byronic heroes who … Continue reading Worms of Heaven by Misha Burnett

Cannibal Hearts by Misha Burnett

This sequel to Catskinner's Book continues the theme of individuals trying to live their lives between the looming threat of extra-dimensional entities and mundane reality. The rest of this review may contain spoilers for Catskinner's Book. This book is the second in The Book of Lost Doors series. James has recovered from the events of … Continue reading Cannibal Hearts by Misha Burnett

Catskinner’s Book by Misha Burnett

When required to place this book in a genre Burnett has previously chosen science fiction and urban fantasy. It might also be categorised as supernatural fiction or horror. The opening scenes have an ambience of crime noir and spy thriller. While the book very definitely contains speculative elements, the story takes precedence over the speculation, … Continue reading Catskinner’s Book by Misha Burnett