Strange Situation Purrocess

I'm quite sleepy today: almost entirely because a couple of times during last night Una decided to check whether I was awake by poking me in the face. Which reminded me of the studies into whether cats feel love. This video by Neuro Transmissions provides a reasonable précis. However, I feel the axiom might … Continue reading Strange Situation Purrocess

Anent The Most Lively Fuzziness

Last night, while attempting to pet Jasper as he demanded without having my arm closer than he allowed it, I was struck with a great revelation: Lovecraft's portrayal of the Elder Things as five-sided, pseudo-vegetable, barrels concealed their true forms. Both Jasper and Una frequently demand fusses while simultaneously complaining should I move my body … Continue reading Anent The Most Lively Fuzziness

One Scoop or Two?

Certain governments have recently taken stances on the trustworthiness of Chinese telecommunications businesses: the US a hard line; the UK a partnership. However, perhaps both this pessimism and this optimism are directed toward the wrong target. Perhaps the spying is more subtle and against a different target. Each of the cat litter trays we've bought … Continue reading One Scoop or Two?


Una the Deep Miaowing sat upon the highest of high spots in Ut-Garden. Fugl Bloody-Shirt’s raids became more common by the day. She must prepare herself. Legs drawn up, she wrapped herself in her tail. She had lain in wait. She had left and then returned hoping to catch him glutted with spoils. Yet each … Continue reading Feud

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Following Jasper's triumphant participation in Tummy Rub Tuesday on Katzenworld, Una claims she is even cuter*. As she is also less prone to staying still, it's hard to provide photographs for comparison. However, I did find this: Not sure whether either of them is less cute than the other; however, she's stopped pestering me so … Continue reading Always Wear Your Seatbelt