Money For New Thoughts

The comments thread on Monday's post about paying people to write has revealed an interesting commonality: without controls anyone would sign up. So, I thought I'd post my response as a separate article: that's what I want. In fact, I want to remove the obstacle of needing even a pretence of using it to compensate … Continue reading Money For New Thoughts

Offering a Hand Not Pointing a Finger

With George Osborne MP attempting - and fortunately failing - to further weaken the UK welfare system, this talk seemed appropriate: Based on the time I spent working in a housing benefit office, her experiences match mine. A significant minority of my time was spent matching up duplicate information and letters chasing up progress on … Continue reading Offering a Hand Not Pointing a Finger

Unintentionally offensive

When I read that Ian Duncan Smith would be continuing his assault on the United Kingdom’s benefit obligations, I considered writing about the risk this posed; however, Crissy provides a starker demonstration of how benefits are not a reward for apathy than I could.

Author Crissy Moss

Yesterday at work a customer made an off hand remark about getting something free. Lots of people do this, nifty percent of the time they are teasing. We laugh, I say sorry can’t do that, and we go on our ways.

But yesterday was a bit different. We laughed, then he said “I’m just kidding. I work for what I have. I’m a conservitive, not a liberal. I don’t expect anyone to just give me anything.”

I was a little offended. First time in a really long time that I’ve ever been offended. I don’t necessarily consider myself a liberal, but I have been on public assistance before. Even now I have free medical from the state because I can’t afford health care. And this is what this person thinks of me? That I just want free hand outs instead of working for myself?

I laughed it off and let…

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