Straining Credulity

Many yonks ago, when I was at school, I first encountered the idea that I didn't like exercise because I didn't do enough of it. At the time, it seemed a little odd; however, I kept meeting the idea as I continued through life and—being older—found it now paired with explanations of endorphins and pleasure … Continue reading Straining Credulity

The Gateless Gate: The Classic Book of Zen Koans by Wumen Huikai and Yamada Koun

Yamada provides a series of explanations and comparisons that help place the ancient Chinese text in a modern context. This book interleaves Koun Yamada’s translation of Wumen’s Mumonkan, a classic Zen text, with Yamada’s own lectures on each of Wumen’s koan and supporting comments. The book is divided into forty eight chapters, each covering one … Continue reading The Gateless Gate: The Classic Book of Zen Koans by Wumen Huikai and Yamada Koun

Will You Enjoy This Post Before You’ve Read It?

One of the online communities I'm in is engaged in the discussion of the difference between preference for the familiar and prejudice. Instinctively, we recognise there is a difference but where it lies can be much harder to pin down. For me, the starting point is pre-emptive denigration. We all have preferences, both general and … Continue reading Will You Enjoy This Post Before You’ve Read It?

The Goalkeeper Doesn’t Decide Who Scores

Previously, I set out my theory for why people might have started to see the DMs of roleplaying games as separate from the players. Someone who wishes to remain a nameless spectre of looming contention asked me if it actually matters whether the DM is called a player or not. And, in fairness, a lot … Continue reading The Goalkeeper Doesn’t Decide Who Scores

Prop Forward for the Cricket Team

Over the last few days, disagreement over a Dungeon Master's position has sprawled across several of my social media feeds, sparked by the assertion that the DM is another player rather than an different type of participant. One key point of contention was whether or not new rules systems had changed the role from player … Continue reading Prop Forward for the Cricket Team

Awaken Your Tongues

There is an article in the Telegraph today (another article) rejecting the idea that we shouldn't require correct English from students. As someone who has used English professionally for most of my working life, the argument that language matters resonates strongly with me. And thus the article spoke to me: specifically, it said Χρησιμοποίησα έναν … Continue reading Awaken Your Tongues

Muffin It Up

Over the weekend I had a startling revelation about how the misperception of technology makes the ineffective seem deliberate. On Saturday, I noticed an email in my spam folder that seemed almost identical to one I'd received and deleted on Friday. Obviously, I didn't feel the need to read the same information twice but I … Continue reading Muffin It Up