Green Lions by Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky

 Green Lions by Simon Rogghe and Zarina ZabriskyAvoiding both making words their tool and the rules of writing their master, Rogghe and Zabrisky enfold language as a co-conspirator in their poetic egg. Merging the radical collaboration of the early surrealists with the entirely personal secrets of alchemy, they initiate a manual for transformation that would have saved Jerry Cornelius books-worth of angst and ultra-violence.


Telephone Boxes are Passé

While not on a level with the Government’s ill-fated anti-vampire lamps (details of which I will reveal when the time is right), all is not well in public conveniences. Following my previous revelation that commercial cleaners might be at risk of mutation, I have discovered evidence that members of the public might also be at risk.