Advertising’s a Dirty Business

The postman delivered an Amazon parcel. As I was out at the time, they left it in a secure location. Using the wonders of GIMP and a couple of minutes of my time, I've replicated the most important parts of the sight that met my eyes when I went to recover it. What are your … Continue reading Advertising’s a Dirty Business

All the Angles

On my way to the shops this morning, I saw someone wearing a t-shirt advertising an angling resort. The logo was a happy fish. It might have been because the temperature was in excess of 35C, but that seemed very odd. Being angled is no fun at all (as Halpin Chalmers will attest), so why … Continue reading All the Angles

Ads Blocking Me

The discussion of ad-blocking on the internet often polarises into user freedom vs. user freeloading. But, as with many issues, this might be concealing other, less-extreme options. For example, considering advertising in other situations as more than evidence that ad-block users are hypocrites. I have been exposed to advertising in print and broadcast media for … Continue reading Ads Blocking Me

New mouth found to reduce stress levels after strenuous exercise

I received the above comment a few days ago. Cynics might suggest that it is the product of an automated system, empty in time and space and meaning, but I choose to look at it as hand-crafted to match the demographic of my audience after an exhaustive study which identified me as a top influencer. … Continue reading New mouth found to reduce stress levels after strenuous exercise