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Alexander, Thomas
Mistress of the Dancing Bones

Blackford, Troy
Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants

Beres, Joschua
Forty-Five Seconds: A Chapbook

Bobl, Alex

Bolger, Z.C.

Boyle, Robert David
Urgus the Scribe

Brunt, Christopher
Ralph and the Purple Fly

Bryant, Samantha
Going Through The Change

Buckley, Brian D.
The Witching Hour

Bunker, Michael
Texocalypse Now

Burrows, David
Drachar’s Demons

Burnett, Misha
Cannibal Hearts
Catskinner’s Book
Gingerbread Wolves
The Worms of Heaven

Camber, Anthony
The Pauline Conversion

Cantan, Simon
The Bite on the End of the Line
Shiny New Swindle

Carstens, Wolfgang
Only the Dead

Cohen, LJ
Stranger Worlds Than These

Cole, Nick
Texocalypse Now

Cunningham, Austin
The Dark Forest

Cypert, Steve V

Denman, Simon

Dombrowski, Daniel J.
Nonlocal Science Fiction, Issue #1

Driscoll, Audrey
The Friendship of Mortals

Duncan, Sophie
The Burning Web

Duncan-Drake, Natasha
The Avebury Legacy

Eco, Umberto
The Prague Cemetery

Elizabeth, Jordan
Escape From Witchwood Hollow

Everly, Jane D.
Gagnier, Nicholas
Ground Zero (ed.)
The Killing Wage
Little City

Gerlach, Katharina
Scotland’s Guardians

Goodwin, Judy
Heart of the Witch

Grabe, N.R.
Slave To Marshmallows: A Steampunk Fairy Tale

Graybosch, Matthew
Silent Clarion
Without Bloodshed

Griffin, Kate
Stray Souls

Hambly, K.A.
The Rise of the New Bloods, From Dark Beginnings

Hearn, Dylan S.
Absent Souls
Second Chance

Hisko, Kirk
The Wizard’s Tale

Holt, Tom
Snow White and the Seven Samurai

Hope, Alexandra
Requiem for Blood

Hughes, J.D.

Hyndman, Aimee
Hour of Mischief
Jacobs, Teddy
Sword Bearer

James, Seeley
Bring It Omnibus Edition

Jusic, Ada
Marshland: Dreams and Nightmares on the Edge of London (illus.)

Koenig, Susan
The Bench

Karlsson, Janne
Only the Dead

Kennedy, Darin
The Mussorgsky Riddle

Kierkegaard, Rod Jr.
The Vampire Circus

La Barbera, Patricia
The Celtic Crow Murders

Latimer-Ridley, M.

Lee, M.H.
Freya’s Tale
Quirky Quickies: Volume 1

Leigh, Vicki
Find Me If You Dare

LeTendre, Brian
Courting the King in Yellow

Logan, John A.A.
Storm Damage

Lowell, Nathan
Quarter Share

Lumley, Brian
Necroscope: Avengers
Necroscope: Defilers
Necroscope: Invaders

Lynn, Gregory
First Kill
Kill School

McGough, Roger
As Far as I Know

Mae, Maggie
Some Things Ache in the Dark

Maier, Lucien
In The Blood

Mallery, Rick
Brother Found

Martin, Chris
Other Side of Night
The Stranger

Mather, Matthew
Blue Skies

Maxon, James D.
A Far Off Place: A Collection of Poetry
Traphis: A Wizard’s Tale

Mihai, Christian
The Portrait of an Artist

Morrese, D.L.
Defying Fate

Moss, Crissy
Witch’s Curse
Witch’s Sacrifice

M.P., Corey

Murton, Neil
Magpie Tales #1: The Magpie Who Stole The Sun
Magpie Tales #2: The Tale Of Magpie And Mr. Snow
Magpie Tales #3: Magpie and the Apple Tree

Nelson, Kelsye
Smart Girl, Dumb Love

Niven, Larry
The Burning City
Pearce, Lawrence
The Haunted Hikikomori

Pearse, Fiona
The I.T. Girl (re-released as Orla’s Code)

Pournelle, Jerry
The Burning City

Proulx, Michelle
The Coin Collector
Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight into It by Michelle Proulx
Rankin, Robert
Waiting for Godalming
Website Story

Read, Marc
New Stars for Old

Rees, Gareth E.
Marshland: Dreams and Nightmares on the Edge of London

Robinson, Garrett
Nightblade: Episode One
Nightblade Season 1
Rebel Yell

Rogghe, Simon
Green Lions

Rose, Michael K.

Rossis, Nicholas C.
Infinite Waters
The Power of Six
Rise of the Prince
Year 18: The Schism

Rutherford, C.J.
Souls of the Never

Sarrantonio, Al
999: Twenty-nine Original Tales of Horror and Suspense (ed.)

Sauret, Michel
Amidst Traffic

Schuelke, Garret

Siciliano, Sam
The Angel of the Opera

Smart, Mallory
Fear Like a Habit
I’m Antisocial, Coffee Never Lies – Part 1

Steel, Jack
The Ripper Secret

Szemic, Marta
Marked: A Two Halves Novella

Taylor, Allen
Garden of Eden (ed.)

Taylor, Georgina Anne
Fairy Tales for Freya

Tiptree Jr, James
Up the Walls of the World

Turnbull, Steve
Maliha Anderson Mysteries (Volume 1)
Vincent, Paul

Walton, Jeremiah
Gatsby’s Abandoned Children
Milk and Honey Sirenn (ed.)
To Your Health: Humanity’s Diagnosis
Too Obscene (ed.)
Witch-hunting Gatsby’s Abandoned Children

Webster Buxton, Carmen
No Safe Haven
The Sixth Discipline

Wells, Ankaret
The Maker’s Mask

Wilson, Daniel H

Wilson, David Niall
Deep Blue

Xerta, Sarah
Juliet (II)
Zabrisky, Zarina
Green Lions


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