Review Policy

I aim to give priority to authors who have contacted me personally, so if you would like to see your book as my Friday Review then please contact me to discuss it further.

Format of Review Copies

  • I review both print books and ebooks.
  • I read most ebooks on a Kindle, so prefer compatible formats (.azw, .mobi, &c.). If your book is not available in a Kindle-compatible format then please include details of available formats when contacting me.
  • I am based in the United Kingdom so where a download source is region specific (e.g. Amazon) please provide a UK link/code.


  • I read widely, and enjoy both fiction and non-fiction, so am happy to provide a review of most books. However I am not an expert in most fields, so if your book is aimed at a specific audience please mention this in your initial request.


  • I read almost entirely in English. I am happy to review translations from other languages, and might consider original texts under exceptional circumstances.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, all reviews will be written in English.


  • If you want the review to be published on a specific Friday (pre-release, pre-Amazon free days, &c.) then please let me know with as much notice as possible and I will try to accommodate. My backlog of books to review is currently in the region of three months.
  • I am also usually happy to publish a guest post of interest to my audience on a mutually acceptable date.

Ownership of Reviews

  • Unless otherwise agreed, all reviews remain my property.
  • Authors are permitted to republish the review in whole or in part for commercial purposes subject to the other requirements of the Creative Commons license.

Ownership of Review Copies

  • Unless otherwise agreed, all review copies will be owned by me.
  • Unsolicited books are provided as gifts. While I might review them, I accept no obligation unless I have agreed to so do.

NOTE: As Amazon’s minimum-spend requirement for posting reviews applies on a store-front basis, I can only post on Amazon UK.

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