Work in Progress

If you are interested, as several acquaintances already are, in knowing what I am working on and how it is progressing, my ongoing prose projects are listed here.

I prefer to focus on progress toward a completed manuscript rather than percentage of words written (especially as, until a work is complete, a word count is only an approximate target), so list where a project is and when it is estimated to release. Works where I currently have no action to take are marked in green.

The list to only shows work that has progressed far enough to have at least a rough publication date.

Greenstar Season 3

Novel. These are the voyages of the UFS Greenstar, its continuing mission to survive the consequences of its own actions.

Status Developmental edits complete. Polishing grammar and usage.
Probable Release Date December 2015

Beauty in a Take Away Cup

Novella. Sarah is used to the odd looks every time she orders her coffee with more syrup than espresso, so when a handsome stranger claims she has taken his order she assumes it is just a chat-up line. But last month that toned body was a corpse, and now caffeine and sugar are the only things keeping it together.

As their friendship grows, she begins to think she might have finally found someone who cares about her for herself. But how will she cope when she discovers he fought in the Crusades, and has been running ever since?

Status Redrafting based on Beta Readers’ Feedback
Probable Release Date Winter 2015


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