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Seven StonesSeven Stones: Serial

A Tale of Swords and Sorcery, in Weekly Parts

Reverend Kobb, plagued by nightmares of a looming threat, has journeyed to the forests of the far north.

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Short Stories

Recycle or Die! - Front CoverRecycle or Die!

Kwarto of the Umboko alien race has been assigned to help the USA become ecologically friendly. Needless to say, he has his work cut out for him.

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A Long Line of Fishermen - Front CoverA Long Line of Fishermen

Agnes has been snatched by Lord Charles and taken to a gold mine deep underground. The other children there say they’ve heard scratching, but what could be scratching so far underground?

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John recovers consciousness to find Sergeant Bryant helping him away from the wreckage of his car. Bryant keeps telling him not to worry about remembering the accident: is he being kind, or does he have a darker motive?

A short piece I wrote for Saturday Scenes Halloween 2014.

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Carl has suffered nightmares since a young girl died on the building site where he worked.

A drabble for Advent Ghosts 2014.

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Comfortable Truths

In a possible future, drugs and neural stimulation can cure madness as people sleep.

A drabble for Advent Ghosts 2015.

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Fresh Paint

A young girl struggles to fall asleep in her newly decorated bedroom.

A drabble for Advent Ghosts 2016.

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The Silence of Reason

After advances in science and philosophy remove the last vestiges of superstition, even the worst of situations can be considered logically.

A drabble for Hallowe’en 2016.

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Irreconcilable Similarities

A conceit based around children being a genetic fusion of their parents.

I wrote this after reading an esoteric theory that the creation of Eve from Adam was evidence that the first human being a hermaphrodite.

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King No More

A musing on the journey of Melchior from Bethlehem to Persia.

I tried to imagine what it might be like if you believed you had seen the truth but did not have the global media giving access almost instantly to evidence of events on the other side of the world. Would it be any easier if people were accustomed to listen because you were the voice of a faith you no longer believed?

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Strength in Adversity

A retelling of the binding of the Fenris Wolf.

I have loved the Norse sagas for over twenty years. This was the first attempt at alliterative verse with which I was happy.

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The Truth About Cats

A pantoum parodying a well-known children’s book

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Evidence of Human Generated Climate Change

An article written for the Green Party setting out the evidence in support of anthropogenic climate change.

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Right to Protest

A briefing note written for the Green Party prior to the 2010 General Election on changes to free speech and assembly.

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An Overview of Methods of Choosing a Government

A briefing note written for the Green Party prior to the 2010 General Election giving a brief explanation of various electoral systems.

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