Greenstar Season 3

Greenstar Season 3 Front Cover

What if you really had to start again from scratch?

After saving Earth for the second time, Josie thought she finally had time to deal with personal business. But a booby trap in the Greenstar‘s engines meant she really got away from it all.

Trapped in a featureless void, with only the Greenstar‘s crew and an equally odd interloper for company, she discovers that even being the first woman in a new universe won’t protect her from having to solve everyone else’s problems.


It is nothing short of brilliant! Excellent (and often surprising) plot with plenty of action, humour and enough twists to keep you on your toes.

Tony Green

…it is really surreal as in the 1930’s sense. The absurd is funny, and it is in the sense of Disc World “horror” which each set up ends being funny just because it’s absurd!

Mike Rosing

I think that this is my favourite of the 3 books so far.

Dave Boyd



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Available from the following retailers: