Greenstar Design-an-Alien Competition

What’s the wackiest alien you can imagine?

Would you like to see it immortalised in Greenstar?

Send us your alien using the form at the bottom of this page, and you could see it feature in Greenstar Season Three and win some fun prizes.

Before we can immortalise your alien in print, we need to know a little about it. So, let us know:

  • What’s the name of your alien? Do other races call it that as well?

  • Is it sentient? Does it have instinctive behaviour that seems sentient? Is it social? What does it believe?

  • Where does it live? Does it adapt its environment? Is there anywhere it doesn’t like to live, and why?

  • What does it eat? Does a common substance have a really odd effect on it?

  • What might readers find funny about your alien? What might readers not find funny?


First Prize

  • Your alien features in at least one episode of Greenstar Season Three (subject to tweaks necessary to fit the plot).

  • You are credited with designing the alien on the copyright page.

  • A copy of Greenstar Complete Season Three in EPUB, MOBI, or PDF.

  • Signed paperback of Greenstar Complete Season One.

Second and Third Place

  • Signed paperback of Greenstar Complete Season One

All five finalists will also receive the not-inconsiderable benefit of knowing we think your idea is special.


Dave Higgins and Simon Cantan will select their five favourite entries based on humour, innovation, consistency with the universe, and whatever else seems like a good guide.

These five entries will be put to a public vote to determine the winners.

The winners will be announced on 1st February 2015.


  • All entries must be received by midnight GMT on 2nd January 2015.
  • Entries may not include a reference to a real person, living or dead.
  • Entries may not include swearwords, even disguised.
  • Entries may not express a prejudice against a real country, belief, sexuality, gender, or other group; an alien race that is itself prejudiced might acceptable provided the entry clearly shows at least one way in which their prejudice is a flaw
  • All entrants grant Dave Higgins and Simon Cantan an irrevocable license to use or adapt any or all of their entry both in Greenstar Season Three and subsequent works.
  • The judges’ decisions are final.

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