Editing and Formatting Services

A finished manuscript is already an amazing achievement. However, with so many readers willing to abandon a book for the smallest of issues, you want your work to shine. Which is where I come in.

Aren’t confident about your spelling or grammar? Concerned your story doesn’t match the images in your head? Let me give you peace of mind.

Don’t know how to format an ebook? Wish you didn’t have to spend so long creating a print inner for your paperback? Let me handle it, so you can get back to writing.

Why choose me? As an author myself, I understand your connection to your work. So all my work will be focused on helping readers connect, too.

Prefer hard fact? My third book, Greenstar Complete Season 1, featured in The Bookseller‘s December 2014 Independent author preview as one of their four recommendations for “well edited, professionally presented” science-fiction and fantasy books.

I was also General Editor of Fauxpocalypse, a collection of short stories from authors of different ages and nationalities.

In addition to my fiction experience, I have over two decades of experience in law, web development, and business analysis.

Want to see what that gets you? Contact me using the form below to arrange a free sample.

Editing Services

I offer developmental and copy editing, either separately or in combination.

Developmental Editing

This deals with the big picture. The things you could miss because you are reading with the benefit of knowing what you meant.

For example:

  • Character actions that contradict the image of the character without explanation.

  • Beginnings that don’t pull the reader in.

  • Scenes that drag or don’t seem necessary.

  • Endings that leave the reader confused or disappointed.

My base rate for developmental editing is £15.00/hour.

Copy Editing

The more mechanical or technical side of the work. The things you wish a spell-checker could reliably find for you.

For example:

  • Punctuation.

  • Missing words.

  • Transposed homonyms, e.g. ‘stationary’ instead of ‘stationery’.

  • Confusing or distracting sentence structure.

My base rate for copy editing is £0.01/word.

Special Requirements

This might change in special circumstances, for example a faster turn-around or unusual work.

Performing both types of edits at the same time is likely to take me less time, so will probably work out cheaper.

Formatting Services

My base rates for formatting mostly prose ebooks (MOBI and EPUB) or paperback interiors are based on word count. If your book contains a large number of illustrations or photographs, or you require unusual formatting, please contact me for a quote.

Word Count   |   under 50K   |   50K-100K   |   over 100K
eBook   £40.00   £50.00   £90.00
Paperback   £50.00   £80.00   £140.00


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