Comments Policy

I favour the free and open exchange of ideas, so welcome comments.

To ensure that both comment authors are free to express their opinions without abuse and discussions remain relevant, I apply the following policy:

All Rights Reserved

  • I reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments, pingbacks, trackbacks, or other communications for any reason.
  • I reserve the right to block any individual or group from commenting for any reason.
  • While I might choose to provide reasons or discuss my decision, I reserve the right not to explain my decision.

Appropriate Content

  • I do not believe that obscenity is necessary in most circumstances. However I do permit a certain amount where the majority of the comment is appropriate.
  • Comments should be relevant to the post or subsequent discussion.
  • Comments disagreeing with a post or a comment should be arguments against the premise and not personal attacks.


  • I acknowledge that all comments submitted are the views of their author.
  • Approval of a comment does not imply I agree with its content or support any site linked from it.


  • I moderate the first comment by any visitor.
  • If in my opinion a significant proportion of an author’s comments are spam or otherwise inappropriate, I may moderate all of that author’s comments, either permanently or for a period.

Links in Comments

  • As a general rule I permit links in comments. I see little difference between the automated link provided by, for example, a Gravatar and a link in a comment. If anything, links in comments are better as they can be a link to a specific resource.
  • If in my opinion one or more links are inappropriate or not relevant I reserve the right to remove them, even if the comment itself is approved.

Advertising and Spam

  • I might not approve or might delete comments that, in my opinion, are designed primarily to promote a site or product.
  • A single link to an author’s personal site, or a recommendation relevant to the post is likely to be approved.

Comments on Old Posts

  • I do not close comments on my posts. However, I may apply a stricter test of relevance if the discussion had reached a natural close.

Comment Editing

  • If you wish to alter one of your posted comments please contact me.
  • Typographical or spelling errors will usually be corrected without issue.
  • All other editing requests will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


  • While I do not require all comments to be in English, I do not necessarily have time to seek an accurate translation.
  • If I cannot understand a comment, or a website to which it links, I am more likely to remove it.

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