Going into the Nitty Gritty

This Saturday, I will be co-hosting the first ever episode of the Nitty Gritty Writing podcast with Simon Cantan.

The show will be about writing and publishing from the perspective of people who aren’t big names in author-publishing. Over the weeks, we’ll be sharing our own journeys as authors, what we’re trying at the moment, and any tips we have for avoiding or overcoming the obstacles we’ve hit in the past.

Make sure to tune in from 19:30 GMT to find out more.

Behind the Scenes: Greenstar Season 2

I can’t remember the first book I read by multiple authors, but I can remember in my teens wondering how more than one person could write a book without leaving obvious transitions between authors. At the time, it was idle curiosity; but it became very relevant when Simon Cantan invited me to co-author a novel. I suspect I am not alone in wondering, so (whether you want to collaborate, are wondering if it would work for you, or are just curious), here is a playlist that gives some insight into how Simon and I came up with ideas for Greenstar Season 2 and turned them into plots. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Difference Between Listening and Hearing

The polishing for Season One of Greenstar proceeds apace, so we are on target to release early Autumn. Therefore, reachers for the further prize that we are, Simon and I are working on putting out Season One as an audio book later this year as well. To which end I have spent the morning considering the aural equivalent of an indent.

Storm Around a Coffee Cup

After six episodes of Greenstar, Simon Cantan and I have both seen the potential improvement in both speed and quality that can come from brainstorming with someone else. However, the benefits aren’t limited to full-on collaborations. With the right approach solitary authors can benefit from the advantages of a team without the downsides.