A Stick To Beat One’s Tongue

Poetry is hard to define, but one of the common guides for what is “good” poetry, is conformity to tradition: does this poem follow the forms of Latin verse? Does that poem fit the structure of Shakespearean sonnets? Does this tanka reference the season and have a metaphysical shift in the middle? And such fitting of a time-honoured pattern while retaining fluidity and voice would seem a satisfying goal. However, these verse-forms might have a structure built on sand.

Cityscapes by Anthony Khayat (ed.), Sara Khayat (ed.), Gabby McCullough (ed.), and Willie Watt (ed.)

Cityscapes edited by Anthony Khayat, Sara Khayat, Gabby McCullough, and Willie WattRevealing the immense power of individual perspective to turn even the most banal of experiences into a meaningful event, and then adding the counterpoint that this makes each person responsible for their life being banal, this collection suggests that the real cityscape might be the spaces between the buildings. Vibrant, emotive, meaningful, yet also fun, the works make full use of the human mind being both the first and ultimate white space.