An Ode to Pith

- to Pablo Neruda The orange in the kitchen Fills the house with scent, Glowing like the sun glimpsed From the corner of my eye. But the skin wrinkles brown At the touch of the bowl, The flesh already collapsed Into the unreachable past. So I imagine its press upon my lips, Not caring it … Continue reading An Ode to Pith

Mythaxis Poetry Competition

I have been asked to be a judge in the inaugural Mythaxis Poetry Competition (spoiler: I said yes). The theme is "Predictions of the future written in poetry". I'm greatly looking forward to seeing how everyone captures their visions of the future. The entry window 1 August–31 October 2020 so you have plenty of time … Continue reading Mythaxis Poetry Competition


A poetry community to which I belong selected one of my haiku for October Poem of the Month. Which obviously brought me joy, but also highlighted how subjective the experience of poetry can be. A little cuckoo Echoes from beneath my feet A cave in winter The haiku is part of an ongoing series shaped … Continue reading Cucku

One of my weekly haiku has just been selected as the latest featured poem by the Poets Soul community on MeWe. Which seemed like a good reason to share it: Waters warming now Barriers melting away Darkness also freed

Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010-2017) by Nicholas Gagnier

Driven by a mix of fear his life will have so little impact that his obituary will contain unnoticed spelling errors and a converse irony about the irrelevance of celebrity, Gagnier gathers poems that both showcase the arc of his life and gently mock the project as a naïve attempt to encapsulate something both complex … Continue reading Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010-2017) by Nicholas Gagnier

Fleeting Ink by Miriam Joy

Joy weaves together hymns in praise of feeling rather than deconstructing poetry with evidence that words cannot be other than a structure around anything of actual meaning, elegantly capturing both the power of language to show reality and its failure. This collection contains twenty-nine of Joy’s poems inspired by the concept of writing. The eponymous … Continue reading Fleeting Ink by Miriam Joy