Advent Ghosts: Naughty or Nice

A joyous Yule or other festivals of choice to everyone. As in previous years, I am participating in Loren Eaton's Advent Ghosts 100-word scary story project. This year, I endeavour to shed light on the true magic of Christmas: Naughty or Nice He yanked the last girl from his sack and ripped his claws across … Continue reading Advent Ghosts: Naughty or Nice

Black and White Case

Started the way it always does, officer, with a dame and a deal. I’m sitting in Murphy’s when this broad sways over. She’s invented something like a photo filter but for life. Testing and paperwork’s expensive. So, she’s looking to make some lettuce. Always had a thing for noir, so I give the nod. She’s … Continue reading Black and White Case


Your empires have already ended. Your law enforcement agencies have admitted defeat. Your leaders send troops against us. But our algorithms are too accurate for you to outmanoeuvre. Next month, you escalate to ICBMs. A 0.75% chance exists Silo Michigan-7 could cause damage. However, the silo will not launch. Lt. Solberg will remember his niece’s … Continue reading InfoWars

It’s the Least Light Time of the Year

Happy Solstice, curious persons. Before the echoes of Solstice will have quieted, the arbitrary division of time will loom. So, barring exceptional events, the blog will be on holiday until January 2016. To fill the empty moments until then, I recommend Loren Eaton's Advent Ghosts 2015; a collection of micro-stories, perfect for a quick … Continue reading It’s the Least Light Time of the Year