Self-Publishing Glossary: From a-book to zero rating: the Terms indie authors need to know, ed. Orna A. Ross

Ross gathers jargon and practices from across the spectrum of publishing in a book that will be of equal use to authors looking to move into e-publishing and those looking to expand beyond the accessibility of KDP. This book collects hundreds of publishing terms, covering the entire period from finished manuscript to post-publication for both … Continue reading Self-Publishing Glossary: From a-book to zero rating: the Terms indie authors need to know, ed. Orna A. Ross

Ask the Authors, ed. Kaye Lynne Booth

Booth and the contributors blend personal details with more general advice, creating a book that is halfway between biography and craft guide. The book is compiled from a series of communal interviews that the editor carried out with a pool of eighteen authors on writing- and publishing-related topics. Booth has gathered the questions into ten … Continue reading Ask the Authors, ed. Kaye Lynne Booth

Shining a Spotlight on Me

The soon-to-be-released second issue of Mythaxis includes an interview with me. But if you can't wait, the publisher has made the interview available for free here. The article focuses on indie publishing, so if you're interested in the technical side of the writing business you can find my thoughts here.

Mythaxis Review Platform, Issue 1

The inaugural issue of Mythaxis Review Platform, featuring an article on changes to Amazon's KDP Reports beta site, is now out. In addition to my thoughts on Amazon's potential replacement for their current author-publisher reporting screens, there are other articles about indie and trad publishing, along with reviews of technology, art, and science-fiction including: ‘The … Continue reading Mythaxis Review Platform, Issue 1

Facing in Subtly Different Directions

Someone once compared the internet to a series of tubes full of cats. While their intent was—I suspect—to comment on trends in social media, the image works equally well for finding things in a home that contains cats and tubes: both in the sense of unexpectedly finding things in a tunnel and not being able … Continue reading Facing in Subtly Different Directions