Test of Science

Science claims it’s more likely we’re a simulation than that this is reality. You can look the details up online. Or you can join me in proving it’s wrong. One suicide, hundreds even, won’t achieve anything. But if enough of us do, that makes the simulation worthless; and the “scientists” running it will react. Whoever’s … Continue reading Test of Science

Getting Warmer

James wound the recording back a few seconds. “—llo, I’m calling fro—” This time the ‘c’ felt slightly lighter. Was she emphasising ‘call’ or ‘all’? Mustn’t judge. Let the message create itself. Unless... what if cabal agents somehow heard both words at the same time. He typed both into the database. Work out a proper … Continue reading Getting Warmer

Among Decent Folk

*Gling* Jake turned, shoulders tense. “Morning, Jacob.” Sheriff Marcus strode into the shop, fragments of eggshell crunching beneath his boots. “Thank God you’re here. We’ve been...” Jake waved an arm at ‘Blasphemer’ scrawled across the window. Marcus sighed, then held out a letter. “Council’s withdrawn your business license.” “What! But I’m the—” “Listen. Maybe it’s … Continue reading Among Decent Folk

The Cost of Truth

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s reinvigoration of the Labour Party (a failed party similar to the anti-truth Equal Rights Cabal) in the early 2000’s, the Conservative Party (a failed party similar to the anti-truth Moral Choice Alliance) adopted New Austerity. Their headline policy was a requirement that all public services were either profitable or revenue neutral. This … Continue reading The Cost of Truth

Die Noon

You join us in Budapest as Professor Carl Dau oversees the alignment of the final panel in the Dyson-Dau sphere. Started three years ago, the Dyson-Dau sphere surrounds the Earth with specially treated glass designed to replace the ozone layer. Dau is stepping back from the console. He’s smiling. The globe is sealed. He’s whispering … Continue reading Die Noon