Things Unseen

“To summarise, reiteration of scripture and, always, smiles.” Adam spread his arms. “Questions? Simon? No need to be shy; we’re here to learn.” “If they haven’t accepted Christ they might not believe the Bible. What if they ask for proof?” “Just tell them the Bible is true.” “But, I read an article that said beliefs … Continue reading Things Unseen

Forever Loyal

09:00:00 AI-Mee reset her status to ‘On Shift’. The label was meaningless, much like the names artificial minds bore; however, humans had wanted everything to be familiar rather than efficient. Cleaning showed no issues. As her subroutines ran the bots, she already knew; but the process required she review it. Inventory showed the factory had … Continue reading Forever Loyal

The Truth and Nothing But

Isaac studied the database. Every language uploaded. Every rule and exception catalogued. And whether the culture that spoke it said language came from the divine. Centuries of Kabbalists hadn’t found the answers, because Hebrew wasn’t the sacred language; merely one of them. Tracing back, removing human languages, would reveal the language of creation. This program … Continue reading The Truth and Nothing But

Empty Fourth

No doubt you are familiar with Mr Abbott’s Flatland or the various explanations based upon it. Or perhaps a computer-generated visualisation of an X-dimensional entity encountering an (X+1)-dimensional object. I, however, discovered a manner of actually experiencing higher dimensions. Unfortunately, something in humans constrains them to only three dimensions so, during each experiment, I lost … Continue reading Empty Fourth

A Mighty Tale

Jaspar Fuzzy-Breeks eased himself along the tunnel. Framed in the entrance, Lágr Rope-Bearer sat oblivious. The ground schuffed beneath Jasper’s feet, but Lágr seemed not to hear. Almost at the tunnel’s mouth, Jaspar paused. Everything was still. He eased his haunches and leapt. His paws wrapped around Lágr’s throat. They rolled, each on top then … Continue reading A Mighty Tale

Fear of the Spork

“My theory? These are what kept humans from dying out like the Torgal.” Ambassador Zarlec pointed a spindly finger at a cabinet. “Spoons?” “Not just spoons. Horn spoons. Wooden spoons.” “And...?” The ambassador’s eyes flickered grey with embarrassment. “If you focus the emitter from a portable scanner just right, you can make metal twist. When … Continue reading Fear of the Spork