Needs of the Few

Barry angled the mirror around. Satisfied no-one lurked near the door, he slipped into the supermarket. His gut roiled at the stench. They always said, don’t go shopping on an empty stomach; who knew piles of corpses would be even more effective. Mirror preceding him, he crept toward the tinned aisle. A woman in a … Continue reading Needs of the Few

Be Mindful of the Present

I’ll die at 8:23 am next Tuesday. Rather precise but true nevertheless. Teenage dreams had given way to boring adulthood. Then I saw this advert “Scared to live? We offer seven days without worry about possible futures.” It was free and I literally had nothing interesting that evening, so I went. Woke up with this … Continue reading Be Mindful of the Present

Eternity in a Plain of Sand

Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween. Names change, but the image of the dead dancing endured. And we did. Not a macabre dance but dance nevertheless. Because the gates opened for those who’d fulfilled their final task, accepted loved ones would survive without them, realised they deserved release. But the key was always the living. We … Continue reading Eternity in a Plain of Sand

One Nation Under The Law

John cowered behind the remains of his cousin’s pick-up as the shooting range burnt. How’d it all gone to shit so fast? Everything’d seemed on the right track. He’d thought nothing would top seeing Reverend Newton, a real Christian, being sworn in as President. Until the angels came. Perfect beings descending to affirm the Constitution. … Continue reading One Nation Under The Law