Glimpse of the Wild Frontier

My latest anthology, Wild Frontiers: Nine Stories of the West is currently being roped and branded. I have a couple of things to finalise before I set the release date, but I wanted to share the rather pleasing cover art. The artist was inspired by one of the stories in the anthology. I think they've … Continue reading Glimpse of the Wild Frontier


Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett

"Haven’t you always wanted to be part of the shadowy underworld of outlaw spellcasters? To live the life of a magical gangster, full of danger, intrigue, unlawful conjurations, and bucketfuls of cold hard cash?" — Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett Misha Burnett, one of my favourite authors, is offering a chance for your name … Continue reading Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett

Time to Be Serious

The submission window for Fears of a Clown is now closed and I've emailed an acknowledgement for all the stories I've received. So, if you've submitted but haven't had an acknowledgement yet, then let me know so I can confirm whether I received your story. Now the hard work begins for me. Because I've received … Continue reading Time to Be Serious

Not Shouting into the Void

I've been pondering creating a solo author mailing list recently. As the audience for this blog is likely to contain plenty of people who like my writing, I thought I'd ask you all about your experiences with mailing lists. Currently, Simon Cantan and I have a joint list: however—while I believe readers' tastes often bridge … Continue reading Not Shouting into the Void

Throats Dry with Dust

Things have got a little busy here. When I decided to commission Fears of a Clown in addition to my other projects, I thought I'd tidily filled the my schedule for the first quarter of the year. Since then I've received a request from a magazine to submit, two rewrite requests on short stories, and … Continue reading Throats Dry with Dust

Facing in Subtly Different Directions

Someone once compared the internet to a series of tubes full of cats. While their intent was—I suspect—to comment on trends in social media, the image works equally well for finding things in a home that contains cats and tubes: both in the sense of unexpectedly finding things in a tunnel and not being able … Continue reading Facing in Subtly Different Directions

A Growing Trepidation

The Fears of a Clown submission window has been open for slightly over a week now and I've already received some very creative perspectives on the theme. However, there's still plenty of opportunity to submit; I'm interested in great fiction not whether or not someone can get a story to me as fast as possible. … Continue reading A Growing Trepidation

Brushing Away Sawdust

I've received a few questions about my submission call for Fears of a Clown, both while drafting it and afterwards. I added the ones clarifying the call to the call itself, but wanted to share some of my process in drafting the call for anyone who wanted to try compiling an anthology themselves or was … Continue reading Brushing Away Sawdust

Call for Submissions: Fears of a Clown

Toward the end of last year, Misha Burnett challenged the Nasty, Brutish, and Short writing group to each compile and release an anthology this year. As Fauxpocalypse, a project he conceived, marked the start of my career as a professional author, it felt right to not only accept but dive in. So, I'm issuing a … Continue reading Call for Submissions: Fears of a Clown

Advent Ghosts: Protected Speech

As in previous years, I'm part of Loren Eaton's Advent Ghosts, a 100-word scary story project. Read my submission is below. Protected Speech Josh strode up the beach, Bible clutched in one hand. Heathen arrows and spears flew toward him, only to be gusted aside by the wings of the angel behind him, the angel … Continue reading Advent Ghosts: Protected Speech