Not Letting the Dice Decide

While sexual harassment in roleplaying games isn't front page news in the same way that the rags and tatters of Hollywood pretence are, it happens. And, unlike the real world, it can sometimes seek to excuse itself by relying on not having happened in reality. However, I don't think something is automatically acceptable just because … Continue reading Not Letting the Dice Decide

The Cost of Being Seen

While the web might have started out as excited amateurs building their little corner then sharing it with others, it's now also home to large companies and content professionals. Which has made recouping the cost of running sites and creating the pages on them a major driver of "normal" website structure. The usual models are … Continue reading The Cost of Being Seen

+1 Blade of Universe Slaying

Had an interesting offline debate about adding weapons and armour to Cthulhu Dark. So, continuing my intermittent thoughts and hacks of the system, I thought I'd share a little in case it proved helpful for explaining to players used to equipment bonuses why there aren't any. My interlocutor, brain clearly as fuzzy as his muttonchops, … Continue reading +1 Blade of Universe Slaying

Psychometric Trigger Locks

As Colleen Hoover writes trigger warnings can be a complex topic. How does one balance protecting people from traumatic reminders without spoiling books for others? Perhaps the answer, and other similar advantages, lie in expanding existing book-site technology. Having known more than one person who's suffered from a species of traumatic stress or phobia, I … Continue reading Psychometric Trigger Locks