There are No Monsters by Sebastian Leyendecker

Leyendecker blends the griminess and struggle of realistic espionage stories or noir with a hidden world of supernatural otherness, creating a novel that is both gritty thriller and cosmic horror. Decades ago, the Nocturne Society told Brockmann to stand down, their mission of destroying the monsters that used to plague humanity complete; however, when a … Continue reading There are No Monsters by Sebastian Leyendecker

Good Cop by Jim Alexander

Alexander weaves the gritty hunt for a brutal killer with portrayals of everyday selfishness and cruelty, creating a thriller that shows the trauma of facing humanity’s darker side without excusing the imperfection of the investigators. This novel is the sequel to GoodCopBadCop. Spoilers ahead. When Detective Inspector Brian Fisher leapt from a tower block onto … Continue reading Good Cop by Jim Alexander

Trouble By Any Name by A.T. Butler

Butler weaves his own details around the tropes of classic Westerns, creating an engaging tale of frontier action and clear morals. While dropping off his latest bounty with the authorities, Jacob Payne hears a rumour a man matching the description of a wanted murderer has been seen in nearby San Adrian, Arizona; unfortunately, it also … Continue reading Trouble By Any Name by A.T. Butler

The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye: A Paranormal Thriller by S.C. Barrus

Barrus combines the Victorian gentleman scientist with a threat that does not tidily fit into human assumptions about reality, creating a novella that evokes classic tales of paranormal detection and cosmic dread without feeling dry or stilted. Willem has devoted himself to the study of the liminal zone between biology, cryptology, and the aether sciences, … Continue reading The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye: A Paranormal Thriller by S.C. Barrus

Draugr by Arthur Slade

Slade balances a portrayal of modern—if rural—Canada with ancient Scandinavian folklore, creating a tale that will engage both young adults seeking an accessible chill and fans of sagas. Fourteen-year-old Sarah Asmundson, her twin Michael, and her cousin Angie have been sent north from Missouri, USA, to a small village in Manitoba, Canada, to stay with … Continue reading Draugr by Arthur Slade

Grim Harvest by Patrick C. Greene

Greene mixes strongly connected characters with tropes from multiple flavours of horror to create a tale of a town plagued by evil. This is the second volume in Greene’s The Haunted Hollow Chronicles. Spoilers ahead, in particular who might survive the first book. A year ago, supernatural evil turned Ember Hollow’s Pumpkin Parade into an … Continue reading Grim Harvest by Patrick C. Greene

A Cauldron of Hot Coffee by Samantha Silver

Silver lightly flavours cosy mysteries with magic, creating crimes that aren’t always solved by investigative skill alone but can still be solved by readers who aren’t themselves witches. When Eliza Emory’s father dies just after she finishes college, she assumes she’s on her own; however, a series of impossible incidents during her first day at … Continue reading A Cauldron of Hot Coffee by Samantha Silver

They Mostly Come Out at Night by Benedict Patrick

Showing the world part through direct character experience and part through dreams and tales within tales, Patrick powerfully evokes the fearful uncertainty that presses against the edges of pre-industrial civilisation. For generations, villagers have hidden from the monsters that come in the night. Each believes the Magpie King roams the night protecting them, but noone … Continue reading They Mostly Come Out at Night by Benedict Patrick

The Broken Heart of Arelium by Alex Robins

Robins combines a fleshed-out fantasy society with engaging characters to create a “slumbering evil awakens” novel that embraces the tropes without seeming derivative. Twelve godlike beings drove the forces of darkness back into the depths of the earth, set walls to guard against their return, and founded twelve orders of knights to protect and advise … Continue reading The Broken Heart of Arelium by Alex Robins

Hiraeth by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends steampunk, zombies, youthful inexperience, and colonialism, creating a fantasy tale that provides both action and tricky choices without covering the reader in teen angst or gore. When Felicity Grant’s mostly absent father writes to say he is moving the family to the colonies, tearing her from both a life of comfort and from … Continue reading Hiraeth by Jordan Elizabeth