The Queen of Discord by Matthew S. Cox

Cox continues to blend innovative perspectives on the possible impact of magic on society and technology with nuanced portrayals of human nature, creating urban fantasy that will appeal equally to action junkies and metaphysics addicts. This is the fourth volume of Cox’s Temporal Armistice series. Not using one’s unique ability to destroy the universe has … Continue reading The Queen of Discord by Matthew S. Cox

Tabitha’s Death by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends the intimacy of despair with the universal resonance of fairy tales, creating a bleak yet engaging young adult fantasy novel. While Elizabeth handles the topic sympathetically rather than seeking to titillate or shock, readers should be aware this book contains overt mentions of self-harm and suicide. The death of her best friend unravels … Continue reading Tabitha’s Death by Jordan Elizabeth

Wavebreaker: Trickle by A.J. Norfield

Norfield balances gritty fantasy with the complexities of cultural and species contact, creating fast-paced action with social depth. This novel is the second in the Stone Wars series. Possible spoilers ahead. Raylan, Galirras, and the other survivors of the mission into the Dark Continent have managed to escape ahead of the Stone King’s army. However, … Continue reading Wavebreaker: Trickle by A.J. Norfield

The Gate to Oblivion by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends ancient magical entities with the demands of modern urban life to create a vision of a world where magic is as ubiquitous and mundane as technology is in ours; and just as prone to misuse and malfunctions. This novel is the third in Cox’s Temporal Armistice series. Danger of psychometric backwash ahead. Brooklyn … Continue reading The Gate to Oblivion by Matthew S. Cox

Stonefish by Scott R. Jones

Jones summons forth abstruse theology in the language of dystopian thriller, creating the thinking person’s visceral cosmic dread. Years ago, tech mogul and futurist guru Gregor Makarios disappeared completely from public record. However, Den Secord, a journalist for a minor virtual reality publication, finds a fragment that somehow escaped the purge. Following a hunch that … Continue reading Stonefish by Scott R. Jones

The Restless Sands of Neel by Stephanie Flint

Flint crafts a desert fantasy novella that isn’t just the thinly veiled Middle East or Dune. Ro’nor is a scryer, a gift that lets him make a tolerable living predicting weather for farmers and other mundane tasks. However, when a young beastman fleeing desert raiders leaps into Ro’nor’s cart and scares the horses, the scryer … Continue reading The Restless Sands of Neel by Stephanie Flint

The Girl Who Found the Sun by Matthew S. Cox

Cox takes the familiar post-apocalyptic tropes of survivors huddling in a bunker, failing technology, dystopian government, and possible conspiracy, and weaves them with nuances of his own to produce a tale that is fresh yet familiar. As toxins devastated Earth, a few survivors withdrew to the Arc, an underground sanctuary. The computers which stored much … Continue reading The Girl Who Found the Sun by Matthew S. Cox

Hawthorne High by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth transports the trappings of a classic ghost story to the tawdry dystopia of a US high school, amplifying the exclusion faced by those whose life includes—or publicly includes—other than the narrow list of socially acceptable things. Dylan Hatfield’s grandmother suffers from dementia. And, ever since moving to Hawthorne, Dylan has been followed by imaginary … Continue reading Hawthorne High by Jordan Elizabeth

Joe Coffin, Season Two by Ken Preston

Preston’s alternate world of vampires stalking the dodgy backstreets of modern day Birmingham continues to deliver visceral action and moral choices with no good option. This book is the second in Preston’s Joe Coffin series. The vampire behind the loss of Coffin’s family has been destroyed by Coffin’s hand. However, the Slaughterhouse Mob’s club is … Continue reading Joe Coffin, Season Two by Ken Preston

Aliens Ate My Homework by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends pre-teen perspectives on life, classic superhero tropes, and several varieties of humour to create a tale that appeals both as straight middle-grade action and subtle homage. This novel is the second in The Adventures of Übergirl series. Proceeding past this point might induce post-cognative visions. When Kelly Donovan was one of the people … Continue reading Aliens Ate My Homework by Matthew S. Cox