Athalie by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends the deeply personal with the apocalyptic to create a fantasy tale about a chosen one who doesn’t have the usual doubts or allies. Each year, the Sapphire Empire sacrifices a young woman to the gods to bring prosperity. Chosen against expectation a short while before her wedding, Athalie’s doubts grow as her time … Continue reading Athalie by Jordan Elizabeth

The Glass Gargoyle by Marie Andreas

Combining archaeology and world-threatening mystical artefacts without either copying the well-known character or deliberately avoiding echoes, Andreas creates a fantasy novel that balances intelligent interaction with fast-paced high-stakes plot. All Taryn wants to do is delve into the ruins left when the elves vanished a thousand years ago. Unfortunately, her noble patrons seem to either … Continue reading The Glass Gargoyle by Marie Andreas

Evil’s Whisper by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth mixes enduring fantasy tropes with engaging details, creating a tale that displays the intimacy of personal struggle and the scope of an epic quest. Like all women in Juniper City, Sabiya is a second-class citizen. Hoping for a better life—or at least some excitement to balance the servitude—she slips into the wilderness, only to … Continue reading Evil’s Whisper by Jordan Elizabeth

Breaker by Amy Campbell

Combining a solid wild west setting and interesting magic with a nuanced portrayal of how lifelong distrust can affect people’s characters, Campbell creates a character-driven fantasy where you can taste the dust. Blaise was born with the power to literally destroy whatever he touches, a power he can’t control, a power that makes him at … Continue reading Breaker by Amy Campbell

The Zero Signal by Rick Wayne

Part biopunk thriller, part speculation on post-industrial social advance, this novel will appeal both to fans of fast-paced gritty action and thought-provoking futurism. In a possible future, advances in gene manipulation allow people to edit their own bodies as easily as we hack technology, leading to a thriving mod community. Most modders are good intentioned, … Continue reading The Zero Signal by Rick Wayne

Subversive by Colleen Cowley

Combining the struggle for equal rights with paranormal romance, Cowley crafts a tale that will appeal to fans of urban fantasy and romance alike. Wizards rule the United States of America and only men can cast magic. Beatrix Harper spends her days working as a shop assistant to pay for her younger sister’s education and … Continue reading Subversive by Colleen Cowley

A Cloak of Red by Brenna Gawain

Gawain merges magical battles with paranoia to create gritty small-unit fantasy. While this novel is the first in Gawain’s The Tenth Kingdom series, it refers to events other series set in Underrealm. There might therefore be spoilers ahead. In exchange for the funds to attend the Academy for Wizards, Theren contracted to serve her patron … Continue reading A Cloak of Red by Brenna Gawain