Starless Night by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

The Flints combine the action and politics of supervillains and superheroes teaming up against a common threat with the uncertainty of someone who cannot trust their own mind, creating science-fiction that is both fast-paced and emotive. This is the third book in the Distant Horizon series and refers to events in the Glitch series. Possible … Continue reading Starless Night by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

The Vanishing Woman by Doug Peterson

Peterson weaves historical fact with strong inference and complex characters, creating a tale that is more engaging than dry narrative but all the more harrowing for being true. The child of a slave and her master, Ellen Craft was born with skin as pale enough to seem white. Pale enough that she and her husband … Continue reading The Vanishing Woman by Doug Peterson

Wormking by Sebastian Leyendecker

Leyendecker fuses visceral cosmic horror with the tropes of Cold War espionage thrillers, raising questions of whether the right thing is sometime also the immoral thing. After helping defeat the creature in the sewers, Simon has been accepted into the Nocturne Society as Brockmann’s official partner; so, when Brockmann spots hints that a parasitic creature … Continue reading Wormking by Sebastian Leyendecker

WICKERPEDIA, ed. Kristin Garth & Nick Morrissey

Mixing perspectives on the power of belief, both good and bad, to shape lives with attempts to capture the experience of believing, the Garth and Morrissey create an experience as filled with poetry, awe, and horror as the films that inspired it. This anthology features twenty poems, five flash fictions, three articles, and two pieces … Continue reading WICKERPEDIA, ed. Kristin Garth & Nick Morrissey

Vegas Valkyries by Cynthia Vespia

Vespia mixes aspects of Norse mythology with a modern Las Vegas, creating an urban fantasy tale that will appeal to readers who enjoy a fresh take on well-known tropes. This novel is the second in Vespia’s Vegas Vendettas series. Reading beyond this point is gambling on spoilers for the first book. When Sigr, Kava, and … Continue reading Vegas Valkyries by Cynthia Vespia

There are No Monsters by Sebastian Leyendecker

Leyendecker blends the griminess and struggle of realistic espionage stories or noir with a hidden world of supernatural otherness, creating a novel that is both gritty thriller and cosmic horror. Decades ago, the Nocturne Society told Brockmann to stand down, their mission of destroying the monsters that used to plague humanity complete; however, when a … Continue reading There are No Monsters by Sebastian Leyendecker

Good Cop by Jim Alexander

Alexander weaves the gritty hunt for a brutal killer with portrayals of everyday selfishness and cruelty, creating a thriller that shows the trauma of facing humanity’s darker side without excusing the imperfection of the investigators. This novel is the sequel to GoodCopBadCop. Spoilers ahead. When Detective Inspector Brian Fisher leapt from a tower block onto … Continue reading Good Cop by Jim Alexander

Trouble By Any Name by A.T. Butler

Butler weaves his own details around the tropes of classic Westerns, creating an engaging tale of frontier action and clear morals. While dropping off his latest bounty with the authorities, Jacob Payne hears a rumour a man matching the description of a wanted murderer has been seen in nearby San Adrian, Arizona; unfortunately, it also … Continue reading Trouble By Any Name by A.T. Butler

The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye: A Paranormal Thriller by S.C. Barrus

Barrus combines the Victorian gentleman scientist with a threat that does not tidily fit into human assumptions about reality, creating a novella that evokes classic tales of paranormal detection and cosmic dread without feeling dry or stilted. Willem has devoted himself to the study of the liminal zone between biology, cryptology, and the aether sciences, … Continue reading The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye: A Paranormal Thriller by S.C. Barrus

Draugr by Arthur Slade

Slade balances a portrayal of modern—if rural—Canada with ancient Scandinavian folklore, creating a tale that will engage both young adults seeking an accessible chill and fans of sagas. Fourteen-year-old Sarah Asmundson, her twin Michael, and her cousin Angie have been sent north from Missouri, USA, to a small village in Manitoba, Canada, to stay with … Continue reading Draugr by Arthur Slade