Weeia on My Mind by Elle Boca

Boca weaves a fresh perspective on urban fantasy with the very real issues of both policing and covert operations to create a thriller driven more by ethics and character than flashy powers. This book is the second in Boca's Weeia Marshals series. There may be spoilers ahead. When one of the Weeia merchants is threatened … Continue reading Weeia on My Mind by Elle Boca


The Nightblade Epic, Volume Two by Garrett Robinson

Robinson continues to blend fast-paced low fantasy with a mature perspective on what becoming a hero actually entails in the long term. This book contains Shadeborn, Weremage, and Yerrin (the fourth, fifth, and sixth books in Robinson’s Nightblade series), along with a series of essays on the world. The news that Loren's father died of … Continue reading The Nightblade Epic, Volume Two by Garrett Robinson

Prophet’s Journey by Matthew S. Cox

This novel is a post-apocalyptic road movie through the eyes of an innocent, both providing a story filled with adventure and peril, and questioning whether the collapse of civilisation must leave us uncivilised. The events of this book take place after Cox's The Awakened series. Spoilers ahead. Following the defeat of Archon, Althea has returned … Continue reading Prophet’s Journey by Matthew S. Cox

Wind and Words by Stephanie Flint

Flint blends an interesting magic system with a very personal challenge to create a quest that has a feel of real consequence without the scale (or the weight) of epic fantasy. This book is the second in the Stone and String series. Possible spoilers ahead. Edyli rescued her from the land of the dead. As … Continue reading Wind and Words by Stephanie Flint

NYV: Goth by K.D. McQuain

Continuing his fusion of New York youth cultures with a fresh take on vampirism, McQuain embraces the apogee of music for blood drinking in plain sight: Goth. This novel is the second in the New York Vampire series. Ineffable mysteries of the first volume might be unveiled beyond this point. Having, barely, survived Gilles' attack, … Continue reading NYV: Goth by K.D. McQuain

The Lucky Ones by Matthew S. Cox

Cox mixes nuanced characters and plausible consequences of civilisation collapsing to craft a young-adult post-apocalyptic tale that provides intensity without resorting to stereotypes. This novel is the third in the Evergreen series. Risk of spoiler contamination beyond this point. In the eight months since nuclear strikes shattered the United States, Harper Cody has transformed from … Continue reading The Lucky Ones by Matthew S. Cox

Changeling by Stephanie Flint

Flint mixes interesting characters, futuristic technologies, and classic thriller tropes to create a cyberpunk fairy tale. This novel is the second in the Huntress series. Danger of atemporal data acquisition ahead. Following the fall of President Koenigin, members of Koenigin Corporation are manoeuvring for advantage and outside forces are demanding independent investigations of alleged crimes. … Continue reading Changeling by Stephanie Flint

Strange Secrets by Mike Russell

Russell adds a dash of the strange to reality, creating worlds like our own that are fantastical yet plausible. This collection contains seven stories of everyday life with a weird or surreal edge. ‘The Constantly Empty Pool’ Rumours of the purest water in the world draw Mary Lou to a remote town in the United … Continue reading Strange Secrets by Mike Russell

Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia by Elle Boca

Boca mixes the shock of moving to a new culture, the frustration of being a cop with a boss who won’t support them, and an urban fantasy world that isn’t filled with the usual creatures to create a tale of magical investigation that is driven by character rather than special effects. Near identical but gifted … Continue reading Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia by Elle Boca

The World That Remains by Matthew S. Cox

Cox fuses the scarcity of resources and breakdown of civility of post-apocalyptic narratives with the personal focus of young adult fiction to create a survival thriller driven by character not trappings. This novel is the sequel to Evergreen. Danger of narrative contamination past this point. After escaping the gang-ridden ruins of her home for Evergreen, … Continue reading The World That Remains by Matthew S. Cox