Ghost of a Memory by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

Ghost of a Memory by Stephanie Flint & Isaac FlintNeither shying away from the visceral horror of reshaping humans into machines nor descending into shock and gore for the sake of it, the Flints create a tale that will appeal both to fans of young adult dystopia and those seeking a more complex tale than youthful hero against decadent regime.


Axillon99 by Matthew S. Cox

Axillon99 by Matthew S. CoxFusing plausible representations of playing science-fiction MMOs with nuanced portrayals of a possible near-future, Cox creates a story that has plenty to appeal to gamers, old-school cyberpunks, and techno-thrillseekers alike.

Cage Runner by Vera Brook

Cage Runner by Vera BrookBuilding from a plausible technological base, Brook combines the passion of young adult dystopia with the moral greys of cyberpunk to create a fast-paced science-fiction thriller that will appeal to a range of readers.

This book is the second in the Sand Runner series. Spoilers might strike from any direction.

Zero Rogue by Matthew S. Cox

Zero Rogue by Matthew S. CoxCox fuses the deeply flawed revenger of crime noir with nuanced portrayals of a cyberpunk future and nascent post-humanism to demonstrate that for some schmucks the only thing the future brings is more ways to end up in an alley with an aching head.

This is the fifth volume of Cox’s Awakened series. Risk of electronic and psionic corruption of previous volumes beyond this point.