The Unnamed Country by Jeffrey Thomas

Collecting stories that span science-fiction, fantasy, and realism but are connected by a shared fictional Asian country, Thomas offers both a series of character-driven individual narratives and an engaging gestalt vision of the liminal zone between beliefs and reality. This collection contains nine short stories set in a fictional Asian country shaped both by religion … Continue reading The Unnamed Country by Jeffrey Thomas

Vampiress Unleashed by Thomas Green

Blending vast magical effects with sudden reversals, Green creates a tale with gritty look of urban fantasy but epic scale. Casey Laen’Ash has lived her life in her mother’s estate, never leaving without her mother at her side and speaking to no-one else. Believing her mother’s claims that—as a high vampire—the world will hate her, … Continue reading Vampiress Unleashed by Thomas Green

The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey

Hickey mixes theories of mind, characterful situations, and reader choice to produce a book that is both an interesting story and a blurred mirror on the reader’s free will. You are offered a place on a scientific study into whether human choices can be predicted a week in advance. You are a potential juror in … Continue reading The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey

How to Stop a Vampire War in Six Easy Steps by Matthew S. Cox

Cox mixes the politely lethal conflict of medieval nobles or mafia dons with the unique threats and approaches of vampirism to create urban fantasy with pace and complexity. This novel is the eleventh volume of Cox’s Vampire Innocent series. The previous books have plenty of enjoyable misunderstandings and reveals... it would be a shame if … Continue reading How to Stop a Vampire War in Six Easy Steps by Matthew S. Cox

Through Thick and Thin: A Menopausal Superhero Short Story Collection by Samantha Bryant

Bryant blends the cinematic display of classic superhero fiction with the emotional nuances of real life to create fast-paced action that focuses on women and minorities but will not appeal only to them. This collection contains four short stories set in The Menopausal Superheroes universe, revealing details of events not shown in the novels. As … Continue reading Through Thick and Thin: A Menopausal Superhero Short Story Collection by Samantha Bryant

Thomasine by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends the tropes of folk horror with the intensity of teenage belief, creating a story that asks “what if everyone really was watching you?” Thomasine was born in the same small rural town in the USA as her father, her grandparents, and most of her other relatives. Her childhood was filled with nightmares of … Continue reading Thomasine by Jordan Elizabeth

The Nuclear Frontier by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends fragments of modern US life with universal human reactions to create a post-apocalyptic world that provides both action and emotional depth. This novel is the fifth in the Evergreen series. Risk of spoiler contamination beyond this point. A day where the electricity works in Evergreen is starting to become a day of celebration … Continue reading The Nuclear Frontier by Matthew S. Cox

Wavebreaker: Flood by A.J. Norfield

Norfield builds on the plots established in the first half of Wavebreaker, providing new perspectives and conflicts without contradicting the established world. This novel is the third in the Stone Wars series. Possible spoilers ahead. Trista and Dalkeira are, officially at least, welcome within the Minai; however, the acceptance of outsiders strains relationships that already … Continue reading Wavebreaker: Flood by A.J. Norfield