Mutual Disagreement

Over the years, I have heard many people excuse their actions as being legal; which they were. However, those same actions still felt flawed. So, as some allege, is the legal system corrupt at its core, a creator of immoral behaviour rather than a social good? Or is there an explanation that accepts law as a guide to behaviour despite the flaws?


Updating My Header

As I posted just over a week ago I am currently tweaking my blog’s look. My thanks to those who have provided feedback. A few days ago I updated my header, so thought I would share the process.

Take a Good Slug

I saw this slug making its way across my compost bin and was struck by the complexity of the patterns on its back.

Slug on a Compost Bin (©Dave Higgins CC-BY-NC-SA)

Due to the cold I took the shot without setting up a tripod or tweaking the settings. The reflection on the edge of the bin handle is a little harsh for my taste; however I am quite pleased with the glisten across the slug’s back.