Why West?

The cover of the Wild Frontiers anthology, showing a woman in a sheriff's hat riding a horse through a cloud of dust

Wild Frontiers is out in the world. With all of the niggles that seem to surge forth just prior to release out of the way, I can focus on the fun bit of my job again: great stories. Over the next several days, I'll be sharing a little more about the tales, not all weird … Continue reading Why West?

Sarpatel, Or Why I Definitely Amn’t A Whampir

Amanda Surowitz tweeted about possibly starting a cooking blog, which lead to me mentioning a recipe using around a bulb of garlic per person. She was—obviously—immediately interested in this. I thought some of you might be too. Sarpatel Serves: 2–6 depending on number of other dishes Ingredients 1250 g pork flesh (boneless, include up to … Continue reading Sarpatel, Or Why I Definitely Amn’t A Whampir

Deep Joy

I'm still settling into our new house, but my moments of joy have become more nuanced and abstruse. It's been—depending on which definition one uses—almost exactly a month since we moved house; and, as my wife and I devoted a lot of time immediately after moving to unpacking everything and getting things into sensible places, … Continue reading Deep Joy