Call of Catthulhu, Book I: The Nekonomikon by Joel Sparks

While laden with allusions to the works of Lovecraft, this rule book focuses on simulating cats in the liminal zone between realistic and fantastical, very definitely giving it the feel of Eliot not Ulthar. The world faces many threats, from the mundane dog to the eldritch Snarlyhotep and Phatproggua. While saving civilisation from these threats … Continue reading Call of Catthulhu, Book I: The Nekonomikon by Joel Sparks

It has now been ten whole years beneath the benevolent rulership of Una Cat... Whether Una deciding not to undertake her usual ritual of batting my wife in the face about an hour before we get up was her way of celebrating or not, I am unsure. However, she continues to wax strong in fuzzy … Continue reading

Happy International Una Cat Day

A joyful International Una Cat day to you all. In celebration of this wondrous annual event, Una requests that you don't travel here to pay your respects. In line with paragraph 7 of the Fickleness Accords, other cats may also celebrate this as an international holiday dedicated to them providing everyone maintains a strict policy … Continue reading Happy International Una Cat Day


My Phacelia Tanacetifolia commenced blooming over the weekend, which is a double joy: once for the purplality itself; and once for the sight of bees enjoying it. In addition to the beauty of the bee, they are a greatly important part of the ecosystem. Some bees bring even deeper joy: this larger one, for example, … Continue reading Abuzz

Una Nation, Una Way

Today's political debate is extremist and anti-expert, replacing any inclination toward trusting knowledgeable individuals to create nuanced solutions with the requirements that everyone has to have an opinion on everything and everyone's opinion is equally valid. I suspect my thoughts are already relatively well known to readers; however, Una's aren't. So I asked her for … Continue reading Una Nation, Una Way