Raiding the Giant’s Horde

100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

Jaspar Fuzzy-Breeks, Jarl of Sofar, Chare, and the Boxen Isles, stretched. Winter had come to Ut-Garden, bringing cold and damp to the very sill of his hall. And, as they did every year, the thumb-giants had failed to drive it back.

Una the Deep Meowing counselled yowling at the winter, but Jaspar favoured a different course. He would sleep until the thumb-giants opened the door of Nom. Then he would feast and fight until the hour when the thumb-giants settled back onto their resting places.

The moment they did, he would steal the thumb-giant’s heat.

And then sleep some more.

A Fine Length

While the young (and not so young) often believe in a black-and-white world; and even those who accept other hues at times wish for simpler choices. However, compromise might be a necessary part of civilisation; thus it is more useful to judge a person not by whether they compromise, but by the compromises they make. Even if those compromises are a touch abstruse.

A More Fluid Interaction

Sean Follmer’s idea is good just for the reasons he gives, and I can see others:

Being able to “pass” objects to people in other locations? Remote support and training gain most of the advantages of an on-site presence.

Furniture that changes shape in response to the user? No more fiddling with handles to obtain an ergonomic layout or guessing if you will be using someone else’s desk for long enough to justify adjusting the chair.

But, the real benefit isn’t in the workplace.

Mischief Continued

Last weekend was the third anniversary of them moving in. In celebration, they spent the day sleeping on us, bunting at us, and playing cat chess.

So, much like any other day.

As I was under cats, I couldn’t post on the day, so here’s a belated celebration of their first three years here.

From this:

Una cat in a cage at Bath Cats and Dogs Home
Una at Bath Cats and Dogs Home
Jasper cat in a cage at Bath Cats and Dogs Home
Jasper at Bath Cats and Dogs Home

To this:

Una cat curled up in a cat turret
Una in a turret (©Dave Higgins)
Jasper cat curled up on the sofa
Jasper on the sofa (©Dave Higgins)

As we were both pinned down, there aren’t any photographs from the day. However, we do have a recreation of events:

Jasper and Una, cats, sitting on Dave Higgins' lap
(©Nicola Higgins)