Happy Cat-versary, Thumb Bearers

To celebrate the anniversary of Jasper and Una moving in, here’s a photograph of Jasper demonstrating his administration skills.

A black and white cat lying on a pile of paperwork
©Nicki Higgins

Skilled readers will note that he is not wearing a hat.


The End of the Circle… Again

As the last episode of Seven Stones was published last year, the release of the final collection last Friday didn’t feel like the conclusion of the project. So a week-long series of posts, extracts, and other endeavours to celebrate felt excessive. However, in line with my other books, I’m marking the end by sharing a little about how it started.

Seven Stones Vol 4 Released

Seven Stones, Vol 3: Innocence Lost, collecting parts 68-97 of my weekly swords-and-sorcery serial, is now available. Purchase it from your favourite retailer today.

Five of the seven stones within the circle have been purified. However, the path to unravel the next stone brings Reverend Kobb and his companions face-to-face with both an old enemy and the conspiracy that stole Haelen’s daughter.

As old secrets and new possibilities are revealed, each of the heroes must face the realisation that there are no black-and-white situations; and that the question might not be how can they purify the Stones, but should they.

Pick up your copy today.

What is LARP*?

As mentioned previously, I LARP (live-action roleplay). My wife tried to explain what LARPing was to one of her friends without perfect success, so I’m sharing my description here for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know what LARP is or wants ideas for how to explain it to others. Remember that moment when you’re watching a suspenseful film and the lead character is about to do something you think no sensible person would do? LARP is a way of finding out that you would do lots of daft things in the same situation without actually getting murdered. For a longer – and potentially more helpful – thought, read on.

A Mighty Tale

100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

Jaspar Fuzzy-Breeks eased himself along the tunnel. Framed in the entrance, Lágr Rope-Bearer sat oblivious. The ground schuffed beneath Jasper’s feet, but Lágr seemed not to hear.

Almost at the tunnel’s mouth, Jaspar paused. Everything was still.

He eased his haunches and leapt.

His paws wrapped around Lágr’s throat. They rolled, each on top then underneath. Jaspar drove his back paws over and over into Lágr’s stomach.

Suddenly, Lágr shot free, his head slipping from Jaspar’s grip.

A rope-muffled shout echoed as Una the Deep Miaowing leapt away, Lágr dangling from her by the rope.

Jaspar leapt.

Then strolled away.


100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

Una the Deep Miaowing sat upon the highest of high spots in Ut-Garden. Fugl Bloody-Shirt’s raids became more common by the day. She must prepare herself.

Legs drawn up, she wrapped herself in her tail. She had lain in wait. She had left and then returned hoping to catch him glutted with spoils. Yet each time, he had slipped away as if he knew she was close.

There must be an answer. Strength of self filled her, but inspiration did not.

Standing silently below, Jaspar Fuzzy-Breeks marvelled at the brilliance of her strategies, but wondered why she spoke them aloud.