100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

Una the Deep Miaowing sat upon the highest of high spots in Ut-Garden. Fugl Bloody-Shirt’s raids became more common by the day. She must prepare herself.

Legs drawn up, she wrapped herself in her tail. She had lain in wait. She had left and then returned hoping to catch him glutted with spoils. Yet each time, he had slipped away as if he knew she was close.

There must be an answer. Strength of self filled her, but inspiration did not.

Standing silently below, Jaspar Fuzzy-Breeks marvelled at the brilliance of her strategies, but wondered why she spoke them aloud.

Raiding the Giant’s Horde

100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

Jaspar Fuzzy-Breeks, Jarl of Sofar, Chare, and the Boxen Isles, stretched. Winter had come to Ut-Garden, bringing cold and damp to the very sill of his hall. And, as they did every year, the thumb-giants had failed to drive it back.

Una the Deep Meowing counselled yowling at the winter, but Jaspar favoured a different course. He would sleep until the thumb-giants opened the door of Nom. Then he would feast and fight until the hour when the thumb-giants settled back onto their resting places.

The moment they did, he would steal the thumb-giant’s heat.

And then sleep some more.

Third Seven Stones Collection Released

Seven Stones, Vol 3: Passing The Gates, collecting parts 34-67 of my weekly swords-and-sorcery serial, is now available. So, find your favourite retailer today.


The quest to purify the Stones brings Kobb and Anessa back to Morth, her home village; a home she fled after villagers attempted to execute Kobb. If fighting possessed strangers made her ill, how will she oppose her own people? And, even if she can, how will she leave her father a second time?

The demands of the quest have already forced both Kobb and Haelen to compromise. Now Anessa must decide how much of her innocence she is prepared to sacrifice to end evil.

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