Disrepair of Reputation

Despite last week’s post in which I opined I would not become a cultist, I must announce that I have not merely joined a cult but founded several.


A Worship Adrift On Dark Seas

My current author bio mentions an altar to Cthulhu; so, it’s perhaps no surprise that someone asked me whether I’d worship the gods of the Mythos if they existed. The answer is: it depends on what you mean by worship.

New Pulp Action Story Available

My short story “Bad Beat” appears in the latest edition of Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense, the latest edition of Millhaven’s themed short-story magazines.

The cover of Millhaven's Tales of Suspense showing a woman sitting in a bedroom next to a dead man and holding a large gem
©Mark Gunk/Millhaven Press

In addition to my tale of poker games gone wrong, hard-headed debt collectors, and just a smidge of weirdness, there are seven other tales of mystery, crime, and espionage, each packed with pulp action.

The edition doesn’t officially release until 1st July, but US readers can pre-order copies from the publisher today.

Seven Stones Complete Series Released

A slight niggle delayed the paperback edition of Seven Stones: The Complete Series; however, the EPUB and MOBI editions have just emerged. Pick up your copy from one of these fine retailers.

Book Cover for Seven Stones The Complete Series showing a rapier superimposed over standing stones
(©Dave Higgins)

Plagued by nightmares of shifting stone and ancient evil, Absolution Kobb, Reverend Militant of the Order of the Maker, journeys to the northern edge of civilisation. Encountering violence from both villagers and the inhuman tribes that dwell beyond the palisades, and exhausted from both his age and his visions, he is saved by two very different people: Anessa, a young villager seeking to escape a life of shopkeeping; and Haelen, an ageing healer seeking his kidnapped daughter.

At first, their aims align. However, with every step toward sealing the evil away taking them further from the simplicity of heroes opposing the darkness, they must each decide not only how far they will go but when an ally becomes a villain.

Pick up your copy today from your favourite retailer.

Seven Stones: The Complete Series Cover Reveal

Behold the front cover for Seven Stones: The Complete Series, a compilation of all ninety-seven parts of my weekly swords-and-sorcery serial, soon to be available in paperback and various eformats.

Book Cover for Seven Stones The Complete Series showing a rapier superimposed over standing stones
(©Dave Higgins)

The printers sent the proof copy out this morning, so—barring unexpected issues—it will be released this week or next.

In Music We Trust

Part of dealing with the toxic areas of society is accepting that weakness or doubt isn’t immoral. That saying we aren’t perfect can be a greater display of strength than donning a mask of false functionality. Another part is to celebrate our commonality. Which is why In Music We Trust‘s fusion of supportive messages and love of music resonates with me.

I’m not being compensated for this; in fact, as someone who got through some dark times in their youth by playing some tunes a little louder than usual, this could be seen as paying it on.