This struck me as a slightly different take on Lovecraftian audio books: a female narrator reading in modern voice. One of the biggest barriers to immersion I experience listening to audio versions of Lovecraft stories is Vincent-Pricing; while I love the performances of Vincent Price and can see the similarity in archaisms, the slightly … Continue reading Caterwinning

Anent The Most Lively Fuzziness

Last night, while attempting to pet Jasper as he demanded without having my arm closer than he allowed it, I was struck with a great revelation: Lovecraft's portrayal of the Elder Things as five-sided, pseudo-vegetable, barrels concealed their true forms. Both Jasper and Una frequently demand fusses while simultaneously complaining should I move my body … Continue reading Anent The Most Lively Fuzziness

One of my weekly haiku has just been selected as the latest featured poem by the Poets Soul community on MeWe. Which seemed like a good reason to share it: Waters warming now Barriers melting away Darkness also freed

Wild Frontiers: Through Dry Places

We continue our ride through Wild Frontiers with an extract from my story ‘Through Dry Places’, a tale of the darkness that presses at the fringes civilisation. Orlin rolled out of his saddle just before it dropped from under him. Seemed his horse’d finally gone the way of an honest man in court: staggering along … Continue reading Wild Frontiers: Through Dry Places

Sarpatel, Or Why I Definitely Amn’t A Whampir

Amanda Surowitz tweeted about possibly starting a cooking blog, which lead to me mentioning a recipe using around a bulb of garlic per person. She was—obviously—immediately interested in this. I thought some of you might be too. Sarpatel Serves: 2–6 depending on number of other dishes Ingredients 1250 g pork flesh (boneless, include up to … Continue reading Sarpatel, Or Why I Definitely Amn’t A Whampir