Health Potion

Whether I'm standing firm against the imperfect in my own situation or trying to ease the lives of others, I find cooking and eating a tasty meal is a great restorative. Given the world at the moment, it seemed like a good moment to share a recipe that I enjoy in case it might aid … Continue reading Health Potion

International Women’s Day 2022: Carla Denyer

As International Women's Day 2022 is tomorrow, today's post is a short paean to the rather inspiring Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party since 2021. Her years reading mechanical engineering, working in the renewable energy sector, and serving as a Bristol City councillor are filled with many great achievements, but here are a few … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2022: Carla Denyer

Helping Ukrainians

With President Putin blithering about special preparations for his ego-props, the news this morning pushed an especially drear vision of the world. I firmly believe humanity can do better, but it isn't effortless keeping that belief alive. If you're suffering from the same niggling doubt that ordinary individuals can do something meaningful in the face … Continue reading Helping Ukrainians

Will You Enjoy This Post Before You’ve Read It?

One of the online communities I'm in is engaged in the discussion of the difference between preference for the familiar and prejudice. Instinctively, we recognise there is a difference but where it lies can be much harder to pin down. For me, the starting point is pre-emptive denigration. We all have preferences, both general and … Continue reading Will You Enjoy This Post Before You’ve Read It?

Green Joy

The Green Party Conference was last weekend, marked—among other things—by the first speech of Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsey as new Co-leaders of the Party. As the last forever years show, pretty speeches don't necessarily result in progress, but I found this one inspiring. I love the clear enthusiasm to learn the lessons of … Continue reading Green Joy

A Chain of Infinite Length Can Still Be Cut

Today is Anti-Slavery Day in the United Kingdom, a day that is not—as one might hope—a celebration of our victory over the scourge of oppressive servitude but a solemn reminder that slavery remains a close part even of the modern Western world. How you might best oppose slavery will vary depending on where you live … Continue reading A Chain of Infinite Length Can Still Be Cut