Una Nation, Una Way

Today's political debate is extremist and anti-expert, replacing any inclination toward trusting knowledgeable individuals to create nuanced solutions with the requirements that everyone has to have an opinion on everything and everyone's opinion is equally valid. I suspect my thoughts are already relatively well known to readers; however, Una's aren't. So I asked her for … Continue reading Una Nation, Una Way

Sandwiches Are Mostly Bread

I've been roleplaying for longer than I've been writing and—while the protagonists in my books don't politely go when I close the document—I still find RPG characters have a bigger presence than those in my books, which makes creating ones I enjoy being with even more important. However—unlike writing a book—I don't have control over … Continue reading Sandwiches Are Mostly Bread

Virtual Hands Across the Ocean

As someone who works from home, and enjoys books and cats more than parties, I'm used to not seeing friends and relations all the time; however, social distancing is still grating on me so this TED talk about finding meaningful ways to interact interested me. https://www.ted.com/talks/priya_parker_how_to_create_meaningful_connections_while_apart Not all of these will work for everyone: I … Continue reading Virtual Hands Across the Ocean