Cityscapes by Anthony Khayat (ed.), Sara Khayat (ed.), Gabby McCullough (ed.), and Willie Watt (ed.)

Cityscapes edited by Anthony Khayat, Sara Khayat, Gabby McCullough, and Willie WattRevealing the immense power of individual perspective to turn even the most banal of experiences into a meaningful event, and then adding the counterpoint that this makes each person responsible for their life being banal, this collection suggests that the real cityscape might be the spaces between the buildings. Vibrant, emotive, meaningful, yet also fun, the works make full use of the human mind being both the first and ultimate white space.

Staying Still To Move

It is easy to see travel as the journey between places we want to be; a step which needs to be taken to overcome the physical space but often not an end in itself. Even if we enjoy some travelling, the journey home is often rushed through in expectation of arriving back at our centre. And yet when we do arrive home, we often do not feel the release from disturbance we expected. This talk by travel writer Pico Iyer, raises questions over whether our understanding of both travel and home are at fault:

Nonsense of Snow

Gazing from my front window a dark ceiling covers the skies, pressing my eyes down through pale flakes falling on wet ground. Flashing in tatters of light, settling on beige, then swept by wind and man into corner drifts of muddy brown. Chill gusts force the scent of cleanliness through frames shrunken by exposure.

Edinburgh Gothic

My wife took last week off as annual leave. We went to Edinburgh for a long weekend so, as she already mentioned, we were away from our computers for several days. I am usually at home writing so decided to take the entire week off from writing to make it more of a holiday for me too. Thus it is only now that you may learn of our epic journey! (If this seems melodramatic blame the pre-echoes of thinking Charles Dickens.)

We travelled by Easy Jet, so draconian luggage restrictions have saved you from a slide show of everything we saw. Instead I will share an impression.