WICKERPEDIA, ed. Kristin Garth & Nick Morrissey

Mixing perspectives on the power of belief, both good and bad, to shape lives with attempts to capture the experience of believing, the Garth and Morrissey create an experience as filled with poetry, awe, and horror as the films that inspired it. This anthology features twenty poems, five flash fictions, three articles, and two pieces … Continue reading WICKERPEDIA, ed. Kristin Garth & Nick Morrissey

Modem Prometheus: #HuntingParty

My friend Neil Murton—who it has never been confirmed is a hat possessed by a magpie steering a stolen body—wrote the script for the inaugural episode of the Modem Prometheus podcast. Twenty-one minutes of urban folk horror, ancient British legend painted on a canvas of Sinclair's city-as-ritual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-oV7Zq1D7k

Deep Green

The Green Party are joint largest party in Bristol City Council. Sandy Hore-Ruthven, the Green Party candidate, was in clear second place for Mayor. Joy? Deep Joy! Hearing the Greens had more seats was good, but seeing it on the map really drove it home: I'm a firm believer that politics works better when people … Continue reading Deep Green

A Box Without a Label

The National Trust is potentially facing a formal probe over its investigation into links between its properties and slavery. Do I think this is warranted? Seventeen. Earlier this year the National Trust released a interim review with the catchy title Connections between colonialism and Properties now in the care of the National Trust, including links … Continue reading A Box Without a Label