Falls the Shadow

Found this an interesting introduction to one theory of how the mind forms our response to a situation. Ironically for something that talks about prior experience causing flawed assumptions, my initial disagreement was due to Feldman Barrett using certain terms differently from how I would without defining them first.


New Year’s Revolution

It’s the start of another arbitrary division of a time dimension, so there are plenty of posts from people committing to do something or suggesting ways others might have a higher chance of succeeding at achieving that something. And plenty of people asking whether others have made any resolutions and what they are.

In the spirit of efficiency – for is not a great way to find time for a new adventure to save time in other areas – I shall endeavour to address everything in a single post.

This year, as previously, I aspire to pulling off “…a track that’ll result in everyone getting exactly the kind of world they want. Everyone including the enemy.” (King Mob to the Marquis de Sade’, Arcadia #4′, The Invisibles)

Not the brutal revolution of the Wheel of Fortune where the rich and powerful are torn down to be replaced by a new group of powerful and rich revolutionaries, but the natural revolution of time perceived emotionally as a flow between states that will come again.

And of course, because it’s inspired by post-realisation King Mob, I’ll be seeking to do it with style.

10 Reasons Why a Cup of Coffee is Better for You than Kafkaesque Torture

One of the most pervasive pieces of advice in articles on how to be “successful” is to put aside hobbies in favour of extra graft on your job or a side-hustle. However, I’ve noticed another similar suggestion cropping up that suggests “success” listicles might be more sinister than a simple misunderstanding that money is a tool not a goal: seeking isolation from contentious influences.

Empty Fourth

100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

No doubt you are familiar with Mr Abbott’s Flatland or the various explanations based upon it. Or perhaps a computer-generated visualisation of an X-dimensional entity encountering an (X+1)-dimensional object.

I, however, discovered a manner of actually experiencing higher dimensions.

Unfortunately, something in humans constrains them to only three dimensions so, during each experiment, I lost perception of one or more normal to our senses. And so, venturing too far, I became displaced, my latitude becoming your time.

I intend next to walk to the cradle of civilisation in hope of leaving a warning to all mankind.

Dr. Brad Duzal Heal

Darkness Expanding

Two of the stripped-down aspects of Graham Walmsley’s Cthulhu Dark are having a very limited skill system and not having an experience system. Which makes great sense in a system designed to be bleak enough that there’s a risk of several characters dying or suffering extreme mental collapse in a session. However, a few of Lovecraft’s protagonists made it into more than one story, so I’ve been mulling on ways to tweak without losing the simplicity; after all, what’s more representative of cosmic dread than learning from your horrific ordeal and it still not making a difference …?