Greenstar Special Features Release

Greenstar Special Features, collecting the short stories and crew diaries that Simon Cantan and I wrote to celebrate the release of each Season, is now available in ebook from major retailers. Pick up your copy today, before Pol mistakes it for a sandwich and eats it. The problem with a eco-friendly spaceship is that it … Continue reading Greenstar Special Features Release

Impossible Hangout

As I mentioned last week, my story "Shoulders of Giants" appears in the newly available Impossible Hope anthology. Last night several of the contributors recorded a hangout to discuss inspirations. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it but there's plenty of interesting insight into other people's contributions: For those interested in my inspirations, I posted an … Continue reading Impossible Hangout

Dragons & Magic Book 3 Release

In the Winterdark, N'Obuk, foulest of sorcerers, waxed in unnatural life. But, assisted by my trusted companion, Sir Simon de Cantan, I have breached N'Obuk's fastness and wrested Sorcery itself from his grasp - or at least the electronic version. Sorcery The adventurer doesn’t fall far from the tree. Peony has a lot to live … Continue reading Dragons & Magic Book 3 Release

Dragons and Magic Release

I have ventured deep into the dungeons of online retail, and defeated the evil sorcerer N'Obuk. Victorious, I return loaded with gold, experience, and the first two volumes of Dragons & Magic. In a world where the statistics from roleplaying games are assigned at birth, a boy designed to be the ultimate one-trick wonder struggles … Continue reading Dragons and Magic Release