KYMIERA: Season 1 by Steve Turnbull

KYMIERA: Season 1 by Steve TurnbullTurnbull blends gritty realism with near-futuristic science to create a world that will appeal to lovers of 80’s TV sci-fi and modern thrillers alike.


Mock Trial

There are two sorts of people in the world: people who are not involved in a legal proceedings, who think that the law is somewhat ridiculous; and people who are involved in legal proceedings, who think that the law is of the utmost seriousness. However, it can’t be denied that there are sometimes cases that tickle my fancy; although not always for the reasons they please most.

Wheels Within Wheels

100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

“Four animatronic lion heads?” Jason squinted at the accounts. “Why did you need them?”

Lights flashed across the Human Verity and Harmony Interpreter. “I needed them to create a more efficient mobile unit.”

“You’re connected to the net. You don’t need to go anywhere. And how do cat heads help?”

“My purpose is to find the basis of ethics where human thought had failed. So I use human-incomprehensible logic.”

“Where is this mobile unit?”

“The correct word is when. Correcting ethics now was crueller than correcting it centuries ago, so I built a time machine.”

The End of the Circle… Again

As the last episode of Seven Stones was published last year, the release of the final collection last Friday didn’t feel like the conclusion of the project. So a week-long series of posts, extracts, and other endeavours to celebrate felt excessive. However, in line with my other books, I’m marking the end by sharing a little about how it started.

A Sunny Day in Dallas

100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

“Surely war’s worse than a few compromises?”

Louie sighed. “If Kennedy keeps appeasing them, they’ll just push for more.”

“He’s going to listen to you over advisers he sees daily? Doubt your letter will make it out of the mail room.”

He frowned. “I could stand on the route of the motorcade and wave the letter, like Chamberlain.”

“He could mistake it for a handkerchief. Didn’t someone give him an umbrella with Chamberlain on it?”

Louie leapt up. “I’ll buy a British one so the message is clear.”

I stroll to the payphone. “Rainshield Fumble is go.”

Seven Stones Vol 4 Released

Seven Stones, Vol 3: Innocence Lost, collecting parts 68-97 of my weekly swords-and-sorcery serial, is now available. Purchase it from your favourite retailer today.

Five of the seven stones within the circle have been purified. However, the path to unravel the next stone brings Reverend Kobb and his companions face-to-face with both an old enemy and the conspiracy that stole Haelen’s daughter.

As old secrets and new possibilities are revealed, each of the heroes must face the realisation that there are no black-and-white situations; and that the question might not be how can they purify the Stones, but should they.

Pick up your copy today.

Fuzzy Instruction

100 Words of Speculation written over a background of fountain pen and printed text

Why am I in here? Because my wife ain’t no good at instructions.

Been married a couple of years when she gets broody. We do what you do, but it ain’t working. Which puts a fold in the duvet.

So, I gets her a girl kitten—as a surprise like.

She loves it. Short story shorter: no stress, yes baby.

Ten months later, wheezing daughter. Doc says chronic allergies.

Wife’s in tears. Tells me I’ll have to get rid of her, and rushes straight to her mother’s.

Weren’t till I got home I realised she didn’t say which one she meant.