Lovecraftian Yule

This year, we are celebrating the festive season at home. While Jasper and Una have settled well after the move, my wife and I decided it was probably still too early to suddenly disappeared for several days and have a stranger started invade the house a couple of times a day to lurk near the food bowls and the litter tray. So, we are hosting all our parents.


Fractured Skies by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

Fractured Skies by Stephanie Flint & Isaac FlintThe Flints mix the ethics of regime change, magic, future technology, and teenage angst to create a tale that is both an extravaganza of fantastical events and a nuanced exploration of moral choice.

This novel is the second in the Distant Horizons series, and includes events that happen at the same time as the Glitch trilogy.

Ghost Black by Matthew S. Cox

Ghost Black by Matthew S. CoxCox blends speed-boosted cyber-action with more introspective questions about individual and social costs to create a seamless blend of action and depth that is likely to appeal to science-fiction and espionage fans of all flavours.

This novel is the third in the Daughter of Mars series. Displaying this review might corrupt surprises in previous volumes.