Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett

"Haven’t you always wanted to be part of the shadowy underworld of outlaw spellcasters? To live the life of a magical gangster, full of danger, intrigue, unlawful conjurations, and bucketfuls of cold hard cash?" — Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett Misha Burnett, one of my favourite authors, is offering a chance for your name … Continue reading Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett


The Spirits of Six Minstrel Run by Matthew S. Cox

Blending a nuanced portrayal of the paranormal with the mundane subtleties of marriage and small-town life, Cox creates a supernatural thriller that draws it’s horror as much from the plausible reactions of characters as any ghostly presence. Mia Gartner loves her job, but not the two-hour commute. So, moving to Six Minstrel Run—a spacious house … Continue reading The Spirits of Six Minstrel Run by Matthew S. Cox

Sarpatel, Or Why I Definitely Amn’t A Whampir

Amanda Surowitz tweeted about possibly starting a cooking blog, which lead to me mentioning a recipe using around a bulb of garlic per person. She was—obviously—immediately interested in this. I thought some of you might be too. Sarpatel Serves: 2–6 depending on number of other dishes Ingredients 1250 g pork flesh (boneless, include up to … Continue reading Sarpatel, Or Why I Definitely Amn’t A Whampir

The Van Helsing Paradox by Evelyn Chartres

Chartres fuses ancient conspiracies within the Church with urban fantasy to create a fast-paced horror adventure that doesn’t lack for depth. Clara Grey’s family live in decidedly ungenteel poverty in a small mining town; a poverty that slides toward destitution when her father dies. Everyone says his cough finally got him, but Clara is certain … Continue reading The Van Helsing Paradox by Evelyn Chartres

Time to Be Serious

The submission window for Fears of a Clown is now closed and I've emailed an acknowledgement for all the stories I've received. So, if you've submitted but haven't had an acknowledgement yet, then let me know so I can confirm whether I received your story. Now the hard work begins for me. Because I've received … Continue reading Time to Be Serious

AMYM: The Mamluk Who Defied Death by K.D. McQuain

McQuain places the traditional tale of a person struggling to cope with vampirism in Nineteenth Century Cairo, creating a fresh perspective on the vampire tale to match his previous novel. This novel is a sequel to NYV: Punk. Potential spoilers ahead. The French driven back, Egypt seeks to embrace its place in the Nineteenth Century … Continue reading AMYM: The Mamluk Who Defied Death by K.D. McQuain

Twelve Rules for Life in an Uncaring Cosmos

All who bear the burden of unholy knowledge know that Yog-Sothoth, the gate and the key, is perceived in congruence, and that the reasoned half of the mind is our protection from horrific truths. Thus, when I encountered a headline about a forthcoming Lovecraftian project and read the producer not as Jordan Peele but as … Continue reading Twelve Rules for Life in an Uncaring Cosmos

Evergreen by Matthew S. Cox

Cox builds a very personal narrative on a foundation of modern science to create a post-apocalyptic story that captures the scale of nuclear devastation without losing its human impact. Two months ago, nuclear missiles struck towns and cities across the United States. Far enough from the nearest target to survive the attack, seventeen-year-old Harper Cody … Continue reading Evergreen by Matthew S. Cox

The IllumiNightie

Are you concerned about secret conspiracies not having enough fun? Do you think "They" are bored while watching you? If you answered Yes to either of these questions, you need The IllumiNightie. Unlike ordinary nighties, The IllumiNightie has an all-encompassing hood featuring the all-seeing eye so you too can look like a gentle pastiche of … Continue reading The IllumiNightie

The Correction Floor by Robert Scott-Norton

Scott-Norton creates a ghost story where the doubt doesn’t stop seeping in after the balance of probability has firmly tipped to the paranormal, and where no one is safe from permanent harm. Seth grew up next to Ravenmeols Hospital, former asylum then children’s home, closed after the discovery of a Satanic cult within the staff. … Continue reading The Correction Floor by Robert Scott-Norton