Disrepair of Reputation

Despite last week’s post in which I opined I would not become a cultist, I must announce that I have not merely joined a cult but founded several.


Ghost of a Memory by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

Ghost of a Memory by Stephanie Flint & Isaac FlintNeither shying away from the visceral horror of reshaping humans into machines nor descending into shock and gore for the sake of it, the Flints create a tale that will appeal both to fans of young adult dystopia and those seeking a more complex tale than youthful hero against decadent regime.

New Pulp Action Story Available

My short story “Bad Beat” appears in the latest edition of Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense, the latest edition of Millhaven’s themed short-story magazines.

The cover of Millhaven's Tales of Suspense showing a woman sitting in a bedroom next to a dead man and holding a large gem
©Mark Gunk/Millhaven Press

In addition to my tale of poker games gone wrong, hard-headed debt collectors, and just a smidge of weirdness, there are seven other tales of mystery, crime, and espionage, each packed with pulp action.

The edition doesn’t officially release until 1st July, but US readers can pre-order copies from the publisher today.

Disco Fever as Post-Modern Initiation

One of my acquaintances on social media posited the idea that the current situation in the United States is the moment before the traumatic shift in a spiritual awakening, that Donald Trump is a horror but also the pus that draws together psychic disease in one place so the world-body might isolate and expel it. Which could be true. However, it might not be. And we might be better off acting as if it isn’t.