Untied States

As everyone other than the US Government has at the moment, I’ve been discussing solutions to the continuing spree murders in the United States. During one thread, someone who espoused the view that gun ownership isn’t even a contributing factor asked what they were supposed to do to stay safe if they didn’t have guns. The answer to me seemed rather clear.


Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter by Elle Boca

Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter by Elle BocaBoca continues her exploration of a world neither quite our own nor populated by well-known supernaturals. Mixing easily recognisable concerns with political intrigue and mystical powers, she provides a fantasy thriller that offers significant threats without challenging plausibility.

This novel is the third in Boca’s Weeia series. There are mild spoilers ahead.

My Client Didn’t Do It, He Had Good Reason to Do It, and He Doesn’t Deserve to Be Punished

Earlier this morning, there was a thread in one of my social media digests about trespassing to save a pet. As is common on the internet, the conversation shifted back and forth, becoming more complex and diffuse as opinions on the reasonableness of certain behaviours mixed with opinions on their legality, and with opinions on how reasonableness affect legality. While the answers were valid in themselves, they suffered from the implied (or in a few case explicit) presumption that crimes are a single question: either you are innocent or you are guilty. While this might be true in one sense, courts treat getting to that point as a process rather than a single question, with responsibility for parts of the process shifting between parties to the case. As I believe it’s useful for everyone to have a clearer understanding of how legal systems work, I set an overview below.

Embracing Improvement

Following each new story of a famous person feeling harassed or a person feeling harassed by a famous person*, a new wave of claims that the calls for improvement will make it next to impossible for people to have physical contact with each other. Fortunately, it is not only possible but relatively easy to both respect other people’s boundaries and express closeness.