Wild Frontiers

Nine Stories of the West

The Frontier: the line between civilisation and the unknown where pioneers rely on a strong will and a dead eye not big city laws.

A land where the sweat you shed makes a place yours, whatever lines the government draws on a map; where everyone knows putting on a badge doesn’t make a sheriff better than everyone else; where the divide between legend and reality isn’t always where it seems.

From aging settlers who miss the days when the town only had one street to decent folk who become gunslingers, from lawmen who find the solidity of the railroad is no protection from the devil to practical men who discover some monsters are more than heathen superstition, these nine tales will show you the West that was, that might have been, and might be again.

Each story in this anthology takes you along a different trail, but they share the grit and adventure that built the frontier.

“Hangman’s Knot” by Kevin M. Folliard
“Mystery Train” by Misha Burnett
“Llano Estacado” by Jackson Kuhl
“Dusk Woman” by J. Conrad Matthews
“Josephine’s Revenge” by Damito Huffman
“Such is the Nature of the Change” by Stephen M. Coghlan
“Absolution” by Patrick Winters
“Through Dry Places” by Dave Higgins
“The Amarillo Job” by Jeffrey L. Blehar

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