Deadman Humour

Thirteen Fears of a Clown

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In a world of shadows, joyful colours are an act of heroism.

Modern tales are filled with clowns who invoke fear not laughter: painted grins covering fanged maws; baggy costumes concealing unspeakable horrors; malevolent parodies of nature.

But the tools of a clown work for good as well as ill: only a trickster could tweak a monster’s nose; make-up is war paint for the modern age; the devil cannot tempt a happy soul.

What if, instead of being the demons of urban legend, clowns were the victims or the heroes of the story?

An entertainer discovers his latest booking is filled with clowns but no children.

A group of ageing clowns seek their Priest-King before the divine is lost from the world forever.

Yorrick’s apprentice shares the truth behind the death of Shakespeare’s most famous clown.

And ten more stories of clowns facing the supernatural.

“The Living Dark” by R.M. Mizia
“The Clown” by Henry Snider
“To Pull a Child from a Woman” by Steven Pirie
“Funeral for King Giggles” by Donna J.W. Munro
“Auguste in Spring” by Christopher Stanley
“Giggles for Bimbo” by N.D. Coley
“Being Funny Is a Serious Business” by Roger Jackson
“A Mime Is a Terrible Thing to Waste” by Christopher Degni
“You Don’t Choose the Circus Life, the Circus Life Chooses You by Lee Glenwright
“The Gleewoman of Preservation” by Samantha Bryant
“auguste” by Charles R. Bernard
“Bag of Tricks” by Joshua R. Smith
“Alas, Poor Yorick” by G.K. Lomax

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-912674-06-0
ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-912674-07-7
ISBN (MOBI): 978-1-912674-08-4

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